Elephant weevil

Orthorhinus cylindrirostris

Adults 10-20mm body length. Size and colour are extremely variable, typical specimens have a tubercle on each side of the pronotum near the apex. each elytron has two tubercles on the 2nd interstices, the 5th interstice has a similar tubercle on the posterior declivoty.  The sexes are differentiated as follows: male has the antennae inserted much closer to the apex of the rostrum than the female, the forelegs of the male are much longer than in the female, the three basal tarsal segments of the fore tarsi are greatly expanded and ciliate in the male and not so in the female, the rostrum is more coarse, less clyindrical and somewhat shorter in the male than in the female; and the male is usually larger than the female.

Damage: Larvae tunnel in trunk and roots; adults cause damage by feeding on young twig growth.

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