Tomato red spider mite

Tetranychus evansi

Adult tomato red spider mites are small in size with eight legs. They can vary in colour from light orange to deep orange red or brown.
Female tomato red spider mites are approximately 0.5 mm in size and a broad oval shape. Males are much smaller (0.3 mm), orange to straw coloured and are a more elongated, triangular shape.
Eggs of tomato red spider mites are rounded and deep to pale orange in colour. They are bright and clear when newly laid becoming rust red prior to hatching.
Larvae are light green or pinkish in colour, slightly larger than eggs and have six legs.
Nymphs look similar to adults with eight legs but are smaller and greenish to orange red in colour.
The tomato red spider mite resembles some other common spider mites such as the two spotted mite (Tetranychus urticae) and bean spider mite (T. ludeni).

The tomato red spider mite can be found on both sides of leaves but it prefers the undersides near the leaf veins. Feeding causes leaves to become yellowish white and mottled. Tomato red spider mite produces webbing, especially on the undersides of leaves. In high infestations, dense webbing can mummify plants. Leaf defoliation follows infestation and plants may die in severe attacks .