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AMISTAR WG Fungicide - General Instructions

Fungicide Resistance Warning: AMISTAR WG Fungicide belongs to the Strobilurin and related products group (Group K Fungicide). Resistance in fungi can occur through genetic variability. The repeated use of this fungicide or other Group K fungicides may lead to resistant fungi, reducing efficacy and causing potential yield loss. Detection of resistant fungi is challenging, and Syngenta Crop Protection Pty Limited is not liable for losses due to resistance.


  • DO NOT use concentrations exceeding 4X for low volume application equipment unless applying by air.
  • Adequate coverage of all plant surfaces is essential for disease control.


  • Fill the tank 50 to 75% full, then start agitation.
  • Slowly pour AMISTAR WG granules into the tank while maintaining agitation.
  • DO NOT pre-mix AMISTAR WG granules.

Application in Tree Crops and Vines:

  1. Dilute Spraying:

    • Use a sprayer designed for high water volumes up to the point of run-off.
    • Apply sufficient water to cover the crop to the point of run-off, avoiding excessive run-off.
    • Adjust water volume and sprayer setup as the crop grows.
  2. Concentrate Spraying:

    • Use a sprayer designed for concentrate spraying.
    • Determine an appropriate dilute spray volume for the crop canopy.
    • Calculate the concentrate mixing rate based on the dilute spray volume and concentration factor.

Compatibility/Tank Mixing:

  • AMISTAR WG is compatible with specific products such as Ambush, Bravo, Captan WG, Copper Hydroxide, Dominex
Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Avocados0 g7
Grapes0 g14
Mangoes0 g3
Passionfruit0 g1
Poppies375 g42
Potatoes150 - 300 g
Tomatoes200 - 300 g1