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Prior to pouring, shake container vigorously, then add the required quantity of Applaud Insecticide to water in the spray vat while stirring or with agitators in motion.
Dilute Spraying
Use a sprayer designed to apply high volumes of water up to the point of run-off and matched to the crop being sprayed.
Set up and operate the sprayer to achieve even coverage throughout the crop canopy. Apply sufficient water to cover the crop to the point of run-off. Avoid excessive run-off.
The required water volume may be determined by applying different test volumes, using different settings on the sprayer, from industry guidelines or expert advice.
Add the amount of product specified in the Directions for Use table for each 100 L of water. Spray to the point of run-off.
The required dilute spray volume will change and the sprayer set up and operation may also need to be changed, as the crop grows.
Concentrate Spraying
Use a sprayer designed and set up for concentrate spraying (that is a sprayer which applies water volumes less than those required to reach the point of run-off) and matched  to the crop being sprayed.
Set up and operate the sprayer to achieve even coverage throughout the crop canopy using your chosen water volume.
Determine an appropriate dilute spray volume (see Dilute Spraying above) for the crop canopy. This is needed to calculate the concentrate mixing rate.
The mixing rate for concentrate spraying can then be calculated in the following way:
1. Dilute spray volume as determined above: For example 1500 L/ha
2. Your chosen concentrate spray volume: For example 500 L/ha
3. The concentration factor in this example is: 3 X (ie 1500 L ÷ 500 L = 3)
4. As the lower dilute label rate is 30 mL/100 L, then the corresponding concentrate rate becomes 3 x 30, that  is 90 mL/100 L of concentrate spray.
The chosen spray volume, amount of product per 100 L  of water, and the sprayer set up and operation may need  to be changed as the crop grows.
Do not use a concentrate rate higher than that specified in the Critical Comments.
For further information on concentrate spraying, users are advised to consult relevant industry guidelines, undertake appropriate competency training and follow Industry Best Practices.
Application Instructions: Citrus Only
Apply Applaud Insecticide in sufficient water to ensure complete wetting of all surfaces.
Oscillating booms
A spray volume of 7,000 to 12,000 L water/ha should be used for trees up to 5m high. To optimise control the following application procedures are recommended:
a) ground speed 2.3 to 2.75 km/h
b) pump pressure 3000 to 5000 kPa
c) oscillation rate 90 - 110 oscillations per minute
d) spray pattern adjacent cones marrying at about 1.75 m (i.e. narrow cone angle, but the maximum angle consistent with good tree penetration).
e) agitation 1 large paddle per 500 L; paddles should clear the bottom of the vat by about 10 mm and should have the same orientation.
f) boom set set angle of top to match tree size.
Airblast sprayers
Airblast sprayers may be used for control of jassids/leafhoppers, but are less suitable for control  of scales and mealy bugs. For jassid control, use  spray volumes of approximately 5000 L/ha.

Applaud Insecticide is compatible with Dithane™ Rainshield™ Neo Tec™ Fungicide and a number of other agricultural chemicals commonly used on the same crops. Please contact your supplier or Dow AgroSciences representative for further information on compatibility.
Applaud Insecticide is not compatible with Sacoa BioPest®Oil or with products that are highly alkaline or highly acidic.

After using Applaud Insecticide, empty the tank completely and drain the whole system. Thoroughly wash inside the tank using a pressure hose, drain the tank and clean all filters in the tank, pump, lines and nozzles.
After cleaning the tank and filters as above, quarter fill the tank with clean water and circulate through the pumps, lines, hoses and nozzles. Drain and repeat the rinsing procedure twice.
Rinse water should be discharged onto a designated disposal area, or if this is unavailable, onto unused land away from plants and water courses.

For insecticide resistance management Applaud is a Group 16 insecticide. To minimise the risk of resistance developing, a total of no more than two applications of Applaud Insecticide should be made on a crop per season. Some naturally occurring insect biotypes resistant to Applaud and other Group 16 insecticides may exist through normal genetic variability in any insect population. The resistant individuals can eventually dominate the insect
population if Applaud or other Group 16 insecticides are used repeatedly. The effectiveness of Applaud on resistant individuals could be significantly reduced. Since occurrence of resistant individuals is difficult to detect prior to use, Dow AgroSciences accepts no liability for any losses that may result from the failure of Applaud to control resistant insects. Applaud may be subject to specific resistance management strategies. For further information contact your local supplier, Dow AgroSciences representative or  call Customer Service Toll Free on 1-800 700 096.

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