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Sipcam - Insecticide

Assign is a contact spray. Thorough, even coverage is essential. Residual control of Assign may be reduced if heavy rainfall is received within 48 hours of application.

Water - Assign may be mixed with most piperonyl butoxide formulations (eg. Pipbut Synergist) and most formulations of fungicides and insecticides such as chlorothalonil, dimethoate, mancozeb, metalaxyl, methamidophos, methomyl, methyl parathion, monocrotophos, Ovasyn EC Insecticide and pirimicarb, where these products are required for additional insect control or for control of diseases. Assign may also be mixed with other products including Pix Plant Growth Regulator, Wuxal Liquid Foliar Nutrient and most knockdown herbicides.
ULV - When sprayed as a ULV product, Assign is compatible with Ovasyn ULV Insecticide and Pipbut Synergist, where these products are required for additional insect control. Assign is also compatible with D-C-Tron Cotton Spray Oil. For further information on ULV insecticide compatibilities contact Sipcam Pacific Australia Pty. Ltd.

Water - Fill the spray tank to about 3/4 full with clean water. Add the required quantity of Assign to the spray tank with agitators in motion. Where other products are to be mixed, add these after Assign is mixed in the tank. Top up the spray tank to the required volume with clean water, with agitators operating. 
When mixing Assign with Pipbut Synergist, add the required quantity of Assign to the spray tank, followed by the Pipbut Synergist, then, with agitators operating, add the required quantity of clean water to the spray tank.
ULV - When Assign is to be applied as a ULV spray in combination with compatible ULV products (or oil), Assign should be added after the ULV product (or oil), with agitators in motion. Ensure that there is no water, or products containing water, in this mixture, or in the spraying equipment.

CropsBBCHRegistred normPreharvest Interval
Corn, maize0 - 0500 - 5007
Cotton0 - 0500 - 7007
Mung beans0 - 0500 - 5007
Navy beans0 - 0500 - 5007
Sorghum0 - 0200 - 5007
Soybeans0 - 0500 - 5007
Sunflowers0 - 0500 - 5007