Benlax 600Registration expired
FMC - Herbicide

For the control of Arrowhead, Dirty Dora and Star Fruit in aerially sown rice as per the Directions for Use

DO NOT store a sustension of this product for more than 2 days otherwise significant breakdown may occur.
DO NOT apply to crops under stress (Refer to Crop Safety Section for details).
DO NOT store tank mixes of this product.

Under muddy/turbid water situations or where treatment is delayed beyond the recommended weed stage, or where weeds are not actively growing, or where Star Fruit are present in very high populations (i. e. Western Murray Valley) results may be slow to appear and weeds may only be stunted or suppressed.
Proper water management is essential for maximum weed control with this product. Ensure adequate water depth in the bays is achieved at least one full day before application. Water movement to and within bays should cease one full day prior to application.
No additional water is to be added or drained from treated bays for a minimum of 5 days after application. If cold conditions are experienced after, HOLD the water as long as possible and introduce fresh water slowly. Water levels can then be restored to depths consistent with normal rice growing requirements.
DO NOT allow tailwater drainage from the paddy for 5 days following treatment with this product.
Crops other than rice may be extremely sensitive to low concentrations of residues of this product in the sprayer. See 'Sprayer Clean-Up' section.
This product can be applied early to late post-emergence (2 leaf to mid-tillering) of the crop with adequate crop safety. However, applications made prior  to the 3 leaf stage give best weed control and optimise crop yield potential.

CropsBBCHRegistred normPreharvest Interval
Rice0 - 050 - 85-