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A highly refined emulsifiable oil for the control or suppression of certain pests in cotton, pulse and oilseed crops, for use as a carrier with ULV insecticides, a defoliation aid in cotton and as an adjuvant for use with certain herbicides in broadacre situations as per the Directions for Use table

General Instructions
This product can used, as indicated in the directions for use, to control or suppress green mirids, silverleaf whitefly and cotton aphids in cotton, Helicoverpa spp in cotton, pulse and oilseed crops, and green peach aphids, diamond back moth in pulse and oilseed crops and as a carrier for ULV insecticides or as a cotton defoliation aid with Diuron or Thidiazuron/Diuron.
Canopy will also enhance the performance of Dipel SC in canola and the performance of selective grass herbicides used in broadacre cropping.

Registered for culturesRate
Cotton1 - 2 l
Canola1 - 2 l
Adzuki beans1 - 2 l
Chickpeas1 - 2 l
Beans1 - 2 l
Peas1 - 2 l
Lentils1 - 2 l
Winter flax1 - 2 l
Spring flax1 - 2 l
Alfalfa1 - 2 l
Lupines1 - 2 l
Mung beans1 - 2 l
Navy beans1 - 2 l
Pigeon peas1 - 2 l
Safflowers1 - 2 l
Soybeans1 - 2 l
Sunflowers1 - 2 l
Vetch1 - 2 l