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Conquest Capitaine 900 WG mixes readily with water and should not be pre-mixed. Slowly add the required amount of product to the water under agitation in the spray vat. Maintain agitation throughout spraying. After a stoppage, thoroughly re-mix before recommencing spraying.

Compatibility and Crop Safety
Mixtures of Conquest Capitaine 900 WG with commonly used wettable powders and suspension concentrate insecticides and fungicides should not cause any problems. Apart from the products listed below mixtures with emulsifiable concentrates are not recommended. If tank mixes are to be used observe all directions, precautions and limitations on all products to be used. Caution should also be exercised when spraying any mixtures on varieties of fruit trees or vines where there has been no previous experience of mixtures with Conquest Capitaine 900 WG.
Conquest Capitaine WG is compatible with any one of the tollowing products: Anvil, Bayfidan, Topaz, Penncap-M, Gusathion 200SC with or without calcium nitrate, Bugmaster Flowable, Confidor, Hymal, lnsegar, Kumulus, Lebaycid, Lorsban, Mavrik Aquafiow, Omite300WG (apples only), Pirimor WG, Pyranica, Saboteur, Sanmite, Systhane.
A mixture of Conquest Capitaine 900 WG with more than one of these products or with any other product may be ineffective or may cause serious damage. The use of such a mixture is not recommended without prior advice, and would therefore be entirely at the user's risk. If other mixtures or 3 way mixtures of any of these products are being considered consult your Shan dong Rainbow dealer or representative for advice.
Mixtures of Conquest Capitaine 900 WG with Lorsban 500EC or Nimrod may leave an oily residue on the inside of spray vats which may be difficult to remove.
Conquest Capitaine 900 WG should not be combined with Bordeaux mixture, spray lime, lime sulphur or oils. Do not apply Conquest Capitaine 900 WG in combination with or within 14 days before or after winter or summer oil sprays. Combinations of captan and sulphur should not be used on crops sensitive to sulphur.
Conquest Capitaine 900 WG mixed with Folidol M500 may be phytotoxic to many varieties of apples and pears. If it is necessary to use both Conquest Capitaine 900 WG and Folidol M500 in a spray program, sprays of these products must be at least 7 days apart.
On pears tank mixtures of Conquest Capitaine 900 WG plus Omite 300WG and Conquest Capitaine 900 WG and Gusathion (without calcium nitrate) plus Omite 300WG have been found to be phytotoxic. Do not tank mix these products, for use on pears.
Caution should be taken when applying chemical mixtures to all crops. Varieties within crop groups may react differently therefore a small area should be tested prior to application to crop.

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