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Conquest - Herbicide

Half fill the spray tank with water and add the required quantity of Conquest Corsair Herbicide and complete filling. Agitate continuously to ensure thorough mixing before and during application. Only mix sufficient chemical for each day's work.
Tank mixtures: Wettable powder or dry flowable formulations should be added to the spray tank first followed by suspension concentrates (flowables), aqueous concentrates (Conquest Corsair Herbicide) and the emulsifiable concentrate formulations (e.g. Verdict or MCPA LVE).

Apply Conquest Corsair Herbicide in sufficient water to obtain good coverage. tt should be applied by an accurately calibrated ground rig or aircraft. delivering 200 to 300 micron droplets and not less than SOUha water volume for boo~ sprayers or not less than ZOL.!ha for aerial applications. Hard head thistle · Use a spray volume of ZOO to 2SOUha of water. Stiver wattle - Use a spray volume of 150 to 200Uha of water by ground booms pray and a mmtmum spray volume of SOIJha by aircraft.

Apply the recommended mix to give full coverage of leaves and stems through a No. 6-8 tip at 700 to 1 SOOk:Pa. Spray volume for effective coverage of dense two metre high silver wattle should be 30 to 40 litres of spray per 100 m1 (10 m x 10m) of infestation. for larger areas an equivalent would be 3000 to 4000 litres per infested hectare.

CropsBBCHRegistred normPreharvest Interval
Canola0 - 0100 - 30084
Fallow0 - 00.05 - 8.5-
Pasture0 - 00.05 - 47
Spring barley0 - 050 - 500-
Spring oats0 - 050 - 500-
Spring triticale0 - 050 - 500-
Spring wheat0 - 050 - 500-
Winter barley0 - 050 - 500-
Winter oats0 - 050 - 500-
Winter triticale0 - 050 - 500-
Winter wheat0 - 050 - 500-