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Insecticide for the control of various insect pests in Asparagus, Bananas, Brassicas, Cotton, Forestry, Ginger, Wine Grapevines, Mushrooms, Pasture, Potatoes, Sorghum, Sugarcane and Swede

Growers should note that MRLs or import tolerances do not exist in all markets for produce treated with Ancestor Insecticide. If you are growing produce for export, please check with Crop Culture Pty Ltd for the latest information on MRLs and import tolerances BEFORE using Ancestor Insecticide.
Livestock may be exposed to Ancestor Insecticide residues in the feed by grazing treated pasture and/or sorghum forage and fodder. Observance of the 14 day grazing withholding period permits compliance with Australian MRLs for Ancestor Insecticide in meat, offal and milk. To meet more stringent export residues requirements, Meat and Livestock Australia recommends Export Slaughter Intervals (ESIs) and Export Grazing Intervals (EGIs) for Ancestor Insecticide. When livestock grown for export are grazed on pasture and/or sorghum forage and fodder treated with Ancestor Insecticide the user must obtain details of the recommended export intervals from Meat and Livestock Australia and must follow those recommendations.

Asparagus, Bananas, Brassicas, Cotton, Ginger, Wine Grapevines, Pasture, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Sorghum, Sugarcane
Slowly add the required amount of product to water in the spray tank while stirring or agitating. Agitate while spraying.
Add required amount of Ancestor Insecticide to a small quantity of water, ensuring thorough mixing.

Ensure thorough coverage of butts, suckers and surrounding trash and exposed soil.
Ensure thorough coverage of foliage and heads.
For ground application use a prepared spray volume of 35 – 75 L/ha depending on the size of the crop. For aerial application see ‘Aerial application’ instructions below.
Apply as a spray to soil and incorporate to a depth of 200 mm prior to planting.
Wine Grapevines
Ancestor Insecticide should be applied by hand held equipment as a high volume directed spray of approximately 500mL of solution per vine directed to trunks and cordons during dormant period only.
Apply mixture to peat moss during preparation of casing, ensuring even mixing in peat moss.
Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes
Apply as a broadcast spray to the surface of the soil and incorporate to a depth of 15 cm prior to planting. Swede (including Turnip and Radish) Ensure thorough coverage of foliage.

Use spray techniques that minimise off-target spray drift. DO NOT use rotary atomisers. Use application volumes between 20 L and 50 L/ha. Achieve a droplet density of ~60 droplets/cm2 on a flat surface on the target. When spraying large droplets (>250 μm), increase the application volume to >40 L/ha to ensure sufficient droplets are produced. Aerial application is not recommended for brassica and potato crops.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Asparagus0 ml1
Bananas0 ml
Cabbage250 ml7
Cauliflower250 ml7
Broccoli250 ml7
Brussels sprouts250 ml7
Kohlrabi250 ml7
Cotton62.5 - 125 ml28
Ginger250 - 500 ml
Grapes0 ml
Mushrooms0 ml14
Pasture6.25 ml14
Sorghum6.25 ml14
Potatoes250 - 500 ml
Sweet potatoes250 - 500 ml
Sugarcane0 ml84
Rutabagas250 ml7
Turnips250 ml7