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Insecticide for the control of various insect pests of cotton, fruit, vegetables and ornamentals.

Thorough coverage of cotton plants is essential to achieve maximum performance from Komondor Insecticide plus Pulse Penetrant. Equipment should be calibrated to achieve a minimum of 60 droplets/cm2 on the target foliage. A droplet Volume Median Diameter (VMD) for optimum performance from Komondor Insecticide plus Pulse Penetrant is dependent on equipment and s defined below. Do not apply when unfavourable environmental conditions may reduce the quality of spray coverage.
Ground Application (Cotton)
Application using ground equipment should be made using hollow cone nozzles with a minimum spray volume of 100L/ha. Hollow cone nozzles are recommended but if flat fan nozzles are used, higher water volumes will be required and nozzles should be configured to ensure thorough coverage. A droplet VMD of 150-180 microns must be used. Where multiple nozzles per row are used, they should be of the same specification to ensure that each nozzle contributes an equal proportion of the required dose. Where multiple nozzles per row are used (particularly for banded application) ensure the correct nozzle overlap pattern is achieved on the target foliage. Banded applications less than 100% are not recommended beyond the 15-node stage.
Aerial Application (Cotton)
Apply in a minimum spray volume of 25L/ha. A droplet VMD of 120-150 microns must be used. Do not exaggerate swath width or exceed a swath of 20 to 22 m. Do not apply Komondor Insecticide plus Pulse Penetrant using Ultra Low Volume (ULV) methods. The use of large droplet placement equipment is not recommended.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Cotton250 ml91
Sweet peppers300 ml7
Eggplant250 - 300 ml7
Potatoes300 ml7
Tomatoes300 ml3
Sweet potatoes250 ml7
Cucumbers250 ml1
Apples0 l