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For the control of leaf spot and leaf speckle on bananas; rust, leaf spot and net blotch on peanuts; foliar diseases on cereal crops; and other diseases on beans, peas, onions, pawpaw, pyrethrum and ryegrass and fescue seed crops.

Prior to pouring, shake container vigorously, then add the required quantity of Emperor to water in the spray vat while stirring or with agitators in motion. Add the required amount of Agridex+ (beans, peanuts) or water miscible oil (bananas) and mix thoroughly.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Bananas230 ml1
Peanuts175 - 440 ml21
Beans350 ml3
Peas145 ml3
Winter wheat145 - 290 ml35
Spring wheat145 - 290 ml35
Spring oats145 - 290 ml35
Winter oats145 - 290 ml35
Spring barley145 - 290 ml35
Winter barley145 - 290 ml35
Onions0 l
Pawpaw290 ml3