Epoxiguard 125

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For the control of certain fungal diseases including stripe rust of wheat and specified fungal diseases of barley.

Conquest Epoxiguard 125 is a broad spectrum contact and systemic fungicide. it is taken up via the stem and foliage and is translocated upwards and outwards to provide protection to new growth. Thorough coverage of the crop is necessary for best results.
Check the crop regularly for any symptoms of disease infection. Apply as soon as disease is present as indicated in the Directions for Use.

Conquest Epoxiguard 125 is a suspension concentrate formulation. The addition of a non-ionic surfactant is generally not required, although under certain environmental conditions and lower total application volumes, the addition of Chemwet 1000 or other recommended surfactant may assist in providing better coverage of sprayed surfaces. Add the product to the half filled spray tank while agitating . Continue to agitate while topping up the tank and during spraying.

Ground Application
Apply in a water volume of between 50 and 1 OOL/ha, using flat fan nozzles operating at around 50 em above the top of the crop. Use the higher water volume in crops with heavier canopies.
Aerial Application
Apply with suitable aircraft, set up and operated to apply fungicides to cereal crops in a minimum water volume of 20L/ha.

For information on compatibility please contact your local reseller or Conquest Crop Protection representative.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Winter wheat250 - 500 ml42
Spring wheat250 - 500 ml42
Spring barley250 ml42
Winter barley250 ml42