Guardian Seed Treatment

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For the control of various insect pests in a range of crops and the prevention of spread of barley yellow dwarf virus in cereal crops.

Guardian is compatible with Prolea Seed Treatment, Foliarflo Seed Treatment and Proguard Seed Treatment for use. on cereal seeds. Do not use more ttian 600 ml of total mixture/1 00 kg seed (i.e. Guardian plus Pro leaf or Foliarflo or Proguard plus water). Guardian may be applied with Quantum Seed Treatment, Maxiflo Seed Treatment or with Semevin P Seed Dressing ·lnsecticide. Guardian is compatible with triadimenol + cypermethrin flowable seed dressings for use on cotton seed. 

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Cotton580 - 875 ml
Corn0 l
Sorghum0 l
Sunflowers0 l
Sweet corn0 l
Canola0 l
Pasture0 l42
Clover0 l42
Alfalfa0 l42
Kale0 l
Turnips0 l
Winter rape0 l
Spring rape0 l
Rutabagas0 l
Winter wheat0 l
Spring wheat0 l
Spring barley0 l
Winter barley0 l
Spring oats0 l
Winter oats0 l
Winter rye0 l
Spring rye0 l
Winter triticale0 l
Spring triticale0 l