Heist 960 ECRegistration expired
UPL - Herbicide

Controls certain annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in certain crops as specified in the Directions for Use table.

Restraints: DO NOT apply to waterlogged soils.
DO NOT apply if heavy rains or storms that are likely to cause run-off are forecast within 2 days of application.
DO NOT irrigate to the point of run-off for at least 2 days after application.

The product is a short residual, pre-emergent herbicide for the control of many important annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in the crops nominated. The product does not control the important broadleaf weeds in maize, sweet corn and Concep II treated sorghum but, when mixed with flowable atrazine, control of many important annual weeds and grasses is obtained without the problem of carryover of herbicides affecting succeeding crops. The product acts mainly through shoot (coleoptile) absorption. Its effectiveness depends on the occurrence of rainfall or irrigation to move it down into the top 3 to 4 cm of soil, where it must be present at the time of weed germination.
Ground Application: Apply in a minimum of 60 L/ha of water. DO NOT apply by aircraft.
Fill the spray tank to one quarter full. Then add Heist 960 EC while adding water to make up the final spray volume. Pour Heist 960 EC into the stream of incoming water. Good agitation at the time Heist 960 EC is added to the tank will ensure good mixing.
TANK MIXTURES: Read and follow all label directions including restraints, spray drift restraints, mandatory no-spray zones, critical comments, withholding periods, regional use restrictions and safety directions for the tank mix products.

When tank mixing: Wettable powder or water dispersible granule formulations should be added to the tank first, followed by suspension concentrates (flowables), water soluble salts then Heist 960 EC or other emulsifiable concentrate formulations. Maintain thorough agitation during mixing and application. Agitate tank-mixes vigorously if allowed to stand. NB: Tank-mix spray solution should NOT be left standing in the vat overnight.
Heist 960 EC is compatible with Flowable Cotogard, Flowable Cotoran, Flowable Gesagard, flowable atrazine, atrazine 900 WG, Uni-Star, Basagran, Uni-Spray and Allout.
WARNING - Cotton: DO NOT use when planting into dry soil or soil with marginal moisture. Under dry planting conditions heavy rain or flood irrigation soon after planting, together with below average soil temperatures, can result in crop injury due to the inability of the germinating seedling to metabolise above normal amounts of the herbicide that may accumulate in the root zone as a result of accelerated capillary movement. Heist 960 EC should not be used in situations where these conditions are likely to occur.
WARNING - Brassica Crops: Crop retardation may occur where Heist 960 EC is used on soils that have a low organic matter content and which contain more than 60% of fine sand and silt. On these soil types, use rates of Heist 960 EC towards the lower end of the rate range and apply onto moist soil. Irrigation after application should be limited to no more than 25 mm. DO NOT use more than once per year.
Zero-tillage (Canola, Barley, Oats, Wheat, Triticale): When sowing using knife points and zerotillage, and leaving a seeding slot, do not apply post-seeding unless harrows (or similar) have filled-in the seeding slot before application. Alternatively, apply Heist 960 EC immediately before seeding.

CropsBBCHRegistred normPreharvest Interval
Beans0 - 01.5 - 256
Broccoli0 - 01.5 - 2-
Brussels sprouts0 - 01.5 - 2-
Canola0 - 00.15 - 0.25-
Cauliflower0 - 01.5 - 2-
Clover0 - 0200 - 250-
Corn, maize0 - 01 - 2-
Cotton0 - 01 - 1-
Headed cabbage0 - 01.5 - 2-
Navy beans0 - 01.5 - 2-
Pasture0 - 0200 - 250-
Peanuts, groundnuts0 - 01 - 2-
Sorghum0 - 01 - 2-
Soybeans0 - 01 - 2-
Spring barley0 - 0150 - 500-
Spring oats0 - 0150 - 500-
Spring triticale0 - 0150 - 250-
Spring wheat0 - 0150 - 250-
Sugarcane0 - 01.1 - 1.45-
Sunflowers0 - 01 - 2-
Sweet corn0 - 01 - 2-
Sweet potatoes0 - 01.5 - 1.5161
Tobacco0 - 01.5 - 1.5-
Winter barley0 - 0150 - 500-
Winter oats0 - 0150 - 500-
Winter triticale0 - 0150 - 250-
Winter wheat0 - 0150 - 250-