Lambda-Cyhalothrin 250

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For ground or aircraft application with water: Apparent Miyagi 250 Insecticide mixes readily with hard or soft water. Add the required quantity of product to water whilst under agitation to ensure thorough mixing. Agitate while spraying. It is not advisable to allow the mixed solution to stand longer than 24 hours before use. In extremely alkaline water (pH 9) spray immediately after mixing.
For ULV (ultra low volume) application with oil: It is recommended that Apparent Miyagi 250 Insecticide be mixed with a mineral, spraying oil. See Compatibility section for a list of recommended mineral spraying oils. Add the required quantity of product to oil whilst under agitation to ensure through mixing. Agitate while spraying. It is not advisable to allow the mixed solution to stand longer than 24 hours before use.

Good coverage is essential to ensure adequate control. The product may be applied by ground rig or aircraft. DO NOT apply if rain is expected within 6 hours. Acceptable “threshold” values for eggs and larval numbers may vary according to the stage of crop development and the pest management program undertaken. Alternative higher thresholds may be acceptable under certain circumstances.
Diluted with water: For ground rigs the volume of liquid applied should be 30 to 100 L/ha. Aerial application should be under conditions normally suitable for water-based insecticides. Apply in at least 10 to 20 L water/ha.
Mixed with oil: Apply the recommended rate of Apparent Miyagi 250 Insecticide bulked with oil to total volume of 3 to 5 L/ha for cotton, sorghum and sunflowers. The total volume for all other crops should be 1.5 L/ha.

This product is a contact and residual insecticide. Best result will be obtained if Apparent Miyagi 250 Insecticide is applied as a protective treatment at regular intervals. However, if spraying frequency based on scouting, then for Helicoverpa spp. application at egg hatch will give optimum results.

Frequent and thorough checking of whole plants, terminals, squares, flowers, bolls or fruiting bodies as required, should be made over a random sample of plants, representative of the whole crop area.
Inspect crops after spraying to ensure a thorough kill has been obtained. However, note that a maximum kill may not be achieved until 48 hours after treatment. Then check at frequent intervals, not more than 2 days apart when insect pressure is heavy. Apply the recommend treatment as soon as a crop check indicates spraying is necessary.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Cotton60 - 85 ml21
Spring barley0 ml14
Winter barley0 ml14
Winter wheat0 ml14
Spring wheat0 ml14
Pasture0 ml14
Sorghum18 - 70 ml14
Sunflowers36 - 70 ml14
Soybeans60 - 70 ml21