Mancoflo 420 SC

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For the control of Leaf spot and suppression of other diseases on bananas and control of fungal diseases of cucurbits, potatoes, tomatoes, almonds, grape vines, chickpeas, faba beans, lentils, oilseed poppy and turf.

Mancoflo 420 SC Liquid Fungicide is a protectant fungicide for the control of certain fungus diseases in various crops.

Add the required quantity of Mancciflo 420 SC Liquid Fungicide to water in the spray tank and mix thoroughly. Maintain agitation during mixing and application.

Mancoflo 420 SC Liquid Fungicide may be harmful to Typhlodromus pyri, and its use in orchards where integrated control is practiced should be avoided.
This product is compatible with formulations of most commonly used fungicides, insecticides and miticides. Check compatibility before using by preparing a test solution of the required proportions and observing stability over several minutes. Use mixtures containing emulsifiable concentrate (EC) formulations promptly and maintain constant agitation during use.
DO NOT mix with Bordeaux mixture or Lime Sulphur.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Bananas3 - 3.5 l
Almonds0 l14
Cucumbers0 l7
Cantaloupe0 l7
Pumpkins0 l7
Melons0 l7
Zucchini0 l7
Squash0 l7
Potatoes2.5 - 3.5 l14
Tomatoes0 l7
Grapes0 l30
Poppies3.5 l49
Beans3.5 l28
Chickpeas1.8 - 3.95 l28
Lentils2.5 l28