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For control of Downy mildew and certain other foliar diseases on Grapevines, Vegetables, Ornamentals, Poppies and Tobacco.

MEDLEY MZ is a fungicide combining the systemic properties of metalaxyl with the protective properties of Mancozeb. MEDLEY MZ should be applied as a protective fungicide before disease occurs. However if infection has already occurred, MEDLEY MZ should be applied as soon as possible after the infection period and preferably before oil-spots appear to obtain optimum control of downy mildew.

Fill the spray tank with 1/4 of the required volume of water and start agitating. Add the required amount of product and allow to disperse. Add the remainder of the water while continuing to agitate. Ensure that the product is thoroughly mixed before spraying starts. Continue agitation during spraying. Agitate vigorously from the bottom of the spray tank if mixture is left to stand.

MEDLEY MZ is compatible with Supracide 400, Lannate L, Shirwet 600 Spray Activator Wetting and Spreading Agent and some formulations of carbaryl, endosulfan, sulphur and copper oxychloride.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Grapes0 l14
Lettuce2.5 kg14
Onions2.5 kg7
Potatoes2.5 kg7
Poppies2.5 kg49
Rhubarbs2.5 kg14
Strawberries0 l7
Tobacco0 l7