P-Pickel T

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Controls seed-borne & seedling root pathogens of peas, chickpeas, lentils, faba beans and vetch.

This product does not adversely affect germination, however when Rhizobium cultures (inoculum) are also added to seed, the viability of the inoculum may be reduced. Always apply the fungicide first and allow to dry. Apply the inoculum immediately prior to sowing.
Apply the inoculum immediately prior to sowing. Seed treatment will control Black Spot and Fusarium spp Ascochyta spp. and Botrytis cinerea pathogens already present in pea seed. Treatment will also give young pea plants early protection from any external infection from Black Spot.
Seed treatment can alter seed flow characteristics. The drill should be recalibrated using treated seed prior to seeding.
Equipment used for applying this product can be cleaned out with water.
All seed that has been stored may lose viability especially if it becomes hot or damp. P-Pickle T has no adverse affect on seed viability or seedling vigour for up to 15 months after treatment, but all seed should be tested for germination in the year it is used to ensure that there is sufficient viable seed sown to establish the optimum seedling density. P-Pickel T treated seed carried over from previous seasons may not provide adequate control of soil borne pathogens (eg. Pythium spp. and Fusarium spp.). Treated seed is to be used only for sowing.

Shake well before use. Add water and product to the applicator tank and mix well. Maintain agitation during use. Where the diluted product has been permitted to stand for an extended period, the mixture should be again agitated well. Do not permit this product to dry-out in application equipment as flaking may occur and contribute to nozzle blockages.

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