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General Instructions for ALBAUGH ACARAMIK - Mite Control on Various Crops

  1. Product Overview:

    • ALBAUGH ACARAMIK is for controlling pest mites on pears, apples, tomatoes, citrus, hops, strawberries, and ornamentals.
    • Additionally, it is effective against pest mites and native budworm on cotton.
    • It quickly moves into leaves after application, remaining for several weeks.
    • Good coverage is essential as ALBAUGH ACARAMIK is not synthetic, and unabsorbed Abamectin degrades rapidly.
  2. Crop Monitoring:

    • Regularly monitor crops every 3-5 days during the season for effective control.
  3. Application on Cotton:

    • Air Application:

      • Apply by spray with a reliable crosswind for good canopy penetration.
      • Application is recommended in cooler parts of the day or night.
      • Preferably, use aircraft fitted with Micronair atomizers.
    • Ground Application:

      • Use inter-row droppers with nozzles spraying towards the cotton rows.
      • Nozzles should be level with or just below the canopy, spraying at right angles to the ground.
  4. Mixing Instructions:

    • Measure the required amount of ALBAUGH ACARAMIK, add to the partly filled spray tank, and then add the remainder of the water.
    • If oil is recommended, add it after ALBAUGH ACARAMIK is well mixed.
    • Wetting agent is not required.
  5. Mixing for Apple and Pear Applications:

    • For a mixture of 750ml ALBAUGH ACARAMIK plus 5L summer oil per hectare, follow the provided mixing rates.
    Water (Amount per 100 L) ALBAUGH ACARAMIK Summer Oil
    1,000 L/ha (minimum) 75 ml 500 ml
    1,500 L/ha 50 ml 335 ml
    2,000 L/ha 37.5 ml 250 ml
    2,500 L/ha 30 ml 200 ml
  6. Crop Safety:

    • ALBAUGH ACARAMIK plus Summer Oil may occasionally cause slight russetting on sensitive pear varieties.
    • Some apple fruit blemishing may occur with low water volume applications.
    • Severe fruit russetting may occur on sensitive apple varieties when used within 7 days before or after the fungicide DELAN SC*.
  7. Resistance Warning:

    • ALBAUGH ACARAMIK is a Group 6 insecticide.
    • Resistance management is crucial; repeated use can lead to resistance.
    • The product should not be applied more than the recommended number of times per season/crop.
    • Rotate ALBAUGH ACARAMIK with approved miticides from other chemical groups.

Note: Always refer to the accompanying leaflet for complete directions for use and product constraints. If in doubt or for specific situations, consult with your local supplier, Albaugh Limited representative, or agricultural department agronomist.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Cotton300 - 600 ml20
Apples750 ml14
Pears750 ml14
Citrus0 ml7
Hops1 l28
Strawberries0 ml3
Tomatoes300 - 600 ml3