Rotam Hitraz 200 EC/ULV

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1. Mixing and Application:

  • ALBAUGH HITRAZ must be mixed with the registered rate of a compatible larvicide.

  • ULV Application:

    • Fill the required volume of ALBAUGH HITRAZ into the aircraft hopper.
    • With agitation operating, add the required volume of a compatible larvicide.
    • Use the prepared spray mixture immediately; do not let it stand in the aircraft hopper overnight.
    • Apply as a ULV using calibrated ULV equipment (e.g., Micronair AU5000 atomizers).
    • Adjust application parameters for suitable droplet diameter, rotational speed, and coverage.
    • Do not add water; use directly from the container.
    • Note: Insect control may be affected if rain falls within 6 hours of application.
  • Spray Drift:

    • Do not apply under weather conditions or from equipment that may cause drift onto adjacent areas.
  • Compatibility:

    • Not compatible with Folimat* 800 and not recommended for mixtures with products based on Bacillus thuringiensis.
  • EC Applications:

    • Part-fill the spray tank with water, then with the agitator running, add ALBAUGH HITRAZ.
    • Add the larvicide and complete filling the tank. Use the prepared mixture immediately; do not let it stand overnight.
    • Apply with accurate placement and good foliar coverage.
    • Apply a minimum total volume of 20 L/ha by air or 80 L/ha by ground rig.
    • Note: Insect control may be affected if rain falls within 6 hours of application.

2. Resistance Warning:

  • ALBAUGH HITRAZ is a Group 19 insecticide.
  • Resistance may develop in insect populations with repeated use.
  • Effectiveness on resistant individuals could be reduced.
  • Albaugh Limited accepts no liability for losses resulting from resistance.
  • Specific resistance management strategies may be necessary.
  • Consult with local suppliers, Albaugh Limited representatives, or agricultural department agronomists for further information.

Note: Always follow specific rates, safety precautions, and local regulations mentioned in the provided instructions. Consult local agricultural authorities for additional guidance.

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