Senator 700WG

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For the control of various insect pests of cotton, fruit, vegetables, ornamentals and turf as a foliar spray, as a soil drench in bananas, and as a soil applied treatment for the control of various canegrubs in sugarcane, silverleaf whitefly in vegetable crops and certain pests in apples, citrus and ornamentals.

Senator 700WG mixes readily with water and should not be pre-mixed. Slowly add the required amount of product to the water under agitation in the spray vat. Maintain agitation throughout spraying. After a stoppage, thoroughly re-mix before recommencing spraying.

Senator 700WG is compatible with non ionic surfactants (wetting agents) such as Activator® Surfactant, with the organosilicone based surfactants Pulse® Penetrant and Du-Wett® and with the insecticide synergist Synergy® .
As formulations of other manufacturers' products are beyond the control of Crop Care Australasia Pty Ltd, all mixtures should be tested prior to mixing commercial quantities. As changes in climatic conditions can alter the sensitivity of plants to mixtures of sprays, Crop Care Australasia Pty Ltd cannot be responsible for the behaviour of such mixtures.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Apples0 l
Bananas0 l
Citrus0 l140
Broccoli0 l
Brussels sprouts0 l
Cabbage0 l
Cauliflower0 l
Kohlrabi0 l
Sweet peppers86 g7
Eggplant0 l
Sweet potatoes0 l
Tomatoes0 l
Cucumbers72 g1
Eggplant72 - 86 g7
Lettuce0 l42
Potatoes86 g7
Sweet potatoes72 g7
Tomatoes86 g3
Cotton72 g91
Sugarcane360 - 720 g