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Fungicide Resistance Warning:

  • The product is classified as a Group Y fungicide for fungicide resistance management.
  • Resistant fungi may exist due to natural genetic variability.
  • Resistant fungi will not be controlled by this product or other Group Y fungicides, leading to reduced efficacy and potential yield loss.
  • Crop Care Australasia Pty Ltd accepts no liability for losses resulting from the failure of the product to control resistant fungi.


  • Add the required amount of product to the partly-filled spray tank with the agitator in operation.
  • Fill the tank with water and continue agitation during spraying and after a stoppage.

Application: Dilute Spraying - Grapevines only:

  1. Use a sprayer designed for high water volumes up to the point of run-off, suitable for grapevines.
  2. Set up and operate the sprayer to achieve even coverage throughout the crop canopy.
  3. Apply sufficient water to cover the crop to the point of run-off, avoiding excessive run-off.
  4. Determine the required water volume through tests or expert advice.
  5. Add the specified amount of product for each 100 L of water. Spray to the point of run-off.
  6. Adjust dilute spray volume and sprayer settings as the crop grows.

Re-entry Periods:

  • Brassicas: No entry until the spray has dried. If entry is necessary, wear impervious footwear, cotton overalls, washable hat, and PVC gloves. Launder clothing after each use.
  • Grapevines: For up to 32 days post-application, handlers must wear cotton overalls, washable hat, and PVC gloves. Launder clothing after each use.
  • Apples: No entry until the solution has dried. If entry is necessary, wear cotton overalls, chemical-resistant gloves, and impervious boots. Launder clothing after each use.

Protection of Livestock:

  • Do not graze or feed treated crops to animals. Do not graze vineyards after application.

Protection of Wildlife, Fish, Crustaceans, and Environment:

  • Avoid contamination of streams, rivers, or waterways with the chemical or used containers.

Protection of Crops, Native and Other Non-Target Plants:

  • Do not apply under conditions causing drift onto nearby plants, crops, cropping lands, or pastures.

Storage and Disposal:

  • Store in the closed, original container in a cool, well-ventilated area, away from sunlight.
  • Do not store for prolonged periods in direct sunlight.
  • Store in a locked room, away from children, animals, food, feedstuffs, seed, and fertilizers.
  • Triple or preferably pressure rinse containers before disposal. Add rinsings to the spray tank mix.
  • Do not dispose of undiluted chemicals on-site.
  • If recycling, replace the cap and return clean containers to a recycler or designated collection point.
  • If not recycling, bury or dispose of containers in a landfill following specific guidelines. Do not burn empty containers or the product.
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