Flax-leaved broom
Genista linifolia L.

Flax-leaved broom is an erect, evergreen shrub which can grow up to 3 m high. tems are erect, brownish-green and are ridged. Young branches are densely hairy.  The stems consist of one main stem at the base and many branches above.
Flax-leaved broom leaves are light green and arranged alternately on branches without stalks. They are hairy on the upper surface and densely hairy beneath, giving a whitish appearance.
They consist of three linear lance-shaped leaflets each about 2-3 cm long that are slender with rolled edges.
Flax-leaved broom flowers are bright yellow and pea-like. They grow to 1.2 cm long, have short stalks and occur in clusters at the ends of branchlets.
A grey to black silky pod, about 2.5 cm long, containing 2 or 3 greenish-brown seeds