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A post emergence herbicide for control of wild oats, volunteer (tame) oats, green foxtail, yellow foxtail, barnyard grass, Persian darnel and volunteer canary seed in spring wheat and Durum wheat.


BULLWHIP 240EC Herbicide is a systemic, post emergence herbicide for the selective control of wild oats, volunteer (tame) oats, green foxtail, yellow foxtail, barnyard grass, Persian darnel and volunteer canary seed in all types of spring wheat and Durum wheat . Do not use BULLWHI P 240EC Herbicide on b arley, as crop injury wi ll occur. Do not apply t his product using aerial application equipment except under conditions specified on this label.
BULLWHIP 240EC Herbicide is a bsorbed by the leaves and is rapidly translocated to th e growing points of leaves and stems. Thorough coverage of the plants is essential f or consistent control. Actively growing susceptible grasses stop growing within 4 8 hours of treatment. Depending on species, growing conditions and crop competition, leaves and growing points turn yellow within one to three weeks after application. Further colour changes and loss of vigour will be observed, followed by a browning and complete control three to five weeks after application. 
Although BULLWHIP 2 40EC Herbicide does not control broadleaf weeds, BULL WHIP 240EC Herbicide can be tank-mixed with a wide r ange of broadleaf herbicides to pr ovide broad spectrum weed control in wheat. It can also be tank mixed with Decis Flowable Insecticide to control grass weeds an d insects. See section entitled “TANK MIXES of BULLWHIP 240EC HERBICIDE WITH BROADL EAF WEED HERBICIDES and INSECTICIDES” and refer to the appropriate Tank Mix section for ground and aerial application.


As this product is not registered for the control of pests in aquatic systems, DO NOT use to control aquatic pests.
DO NOT contaminate irrigation or drinking water supplie s or aquatic habitats by cleaning o f equipment or disposal of wastes.
When a tank mixture is used, consu lt the labels of the tank-mix partners and observe regions of use specified on the most restrictive labels, and the largest (most restrictive) buffer zone of the products involved in the tank mixture.
To reduce runoff from treated areas into aquatic habita ts, consider the characteristics and conditions of the site before treatment. Site characteristics and conditions that may lead to runoff include, but are not limit ed to: heavy rainfall, mo derate to steep slope, bare soil, poorly draining soil (e.g. soils that are compacted, fine textured, or low in organic matter such as clay.)
Avoid application of this product when heavy rain is forecast.
Contamination of aquatic areas as a result of r unoff may be reduced by including a vegetative strip (buffer zone) between the treated area and the edge of the water body.

CROPS: Spring Wheat and Durum Wheat
BULLWHIP 240EC Herbicide can be used on all varieties of spring wheat and Durum wheat. Observe minimum interval to harvest of 60 days after treatment.
Do not apply on barley or any crop other than Spring Wheat or Durum wheat, as crop damage will result. Do not allow spray to drift to adjacent fields seeded to crops other than spring wheat or Durum wheat.
Do not treat wheat underseeded to forages. Observe a minimum of three (3) days before grazing livestock on crops treated with BULLWHIP 240EC Herbicide.
For use directions specific to application by air, please refer to sections on aerial application.
For aerial application precautions, please refer to the precautions section.

WEEDS CONTROLLED: Wild Oats, Volunteer (Tame) Oats, Green Foxtail, Yellow Foxtail, Barnyard grass, Persian Darnel and Volunteer Canary Seed

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Spring wheat230 - 290 ml60