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BAYER - herbicide

ESCORT Herbicide is a dry flowable granule to be mixed in water and applied as a foliar spray for control of undesirable brush/woody plants in pasture, rangeland and non-crop areas, and for control of broadleaf weeds in rough turf and non-crop areas.
ESCORT Herbicide is noncorrosive, nonflammable, nonvolatile and does not freeze. ESCORT Herbicide is an ALS inhibitor herbicide and thus rapidly inhibits growth of susceptible species, however typical symptoms (discoloration) may not be noticeable for several weeks after application, depending on growing conditions and weed susceptibility. Warm, moist conditions following treatment promote the activity of ESCORT Herbicide while cold, dry conditions may reduce or delay activity. Brush and weeds hardened off by cold weather or drought stress may not be controlled.
Degree of control and duration of effect are dependent on the rate used, sensitivity and size of target species, as well as soil moisture and soil temperature.

ESCORT Herbicide must be used only in accordance with recommendations on this label.
Do not mix, load or apply within a minimum of 15 metres of all wells, including abandoned wells and drainage wells.
Make one application of ESCORT Herbicide per season.
Apply between mid-June and mid-August after the target species have leafed out, but before fall colouration begins. Cattle may graze the treated areas on the day of treatment.

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