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InStep Herbicide is an emulsifiable concentrate formulation. InStep Herbicide is to be mixed with water and listed adjuvants, and applied to labelled crops or sites.
InStep Herbicide used as directed will provide selective post- emergence control of broadleaf weeds, weed burndown prior to planting and defoliate/desiccate labelled crops as a harvest aid.
Weed control is optimized when the product is applied to actively growing weeds up to 10 cm in height, or as specified. InStep Herbicide is a contact herbicide. Within a few hours following application, the foliage of susceptible weeds show signs of desiccation, and in subsequent days, necrosis and death of the plant occur.
Extremes in environmental conditions such as temperature, moisture, soil conditions, and cultural practices may affect the activity of InStep Herbicide. Under warm moist conditions, herbicide symptoms may be accelerated. While under very dry conditions, the expression of herbicide symptoms may be reduced as weeds hardened off by drought are less susceptible to InStep Herbicide.
InStep Herbicide is rapidly absorbed through the foliage of plants. To avoid significant crop response, applications should not be made within 6 to 8 hours of either rain or irrigation or when heavy dew is present on the crop. Due to environmental conditions and with certain spray tank additives, some herbicidal symptoms may appear on the crop.

Apply InStep Herbicide for pre-plant burndown and fallow system at up to 117 mL per hectare except for sorghum where InStep Herbicide may be applied for pre-plant burndown at up to 73 mL. For optimum performance, make application to actively growing weeds up to 10 cm high, or asspecified.


Registered for culturesRate
Beans36 - 117 ml
Soybeans36 - 117 ml
Lentils36 - 117 ml
Cowpea36 - 117 ml
Lupines36 - 117 ml
Chickpeas36 - 117 ml
Pigeon peas36 - 117 ml
Kidney beans36 - 117 ml
Dry lima beans36 - 117 ml
Navy beans36 - 117 ml
Pinto beans36 - 117 ml
Tepary beans36 - 117 ml
Adzuki beans36 - 117 ml
Moth beans36 - 117 ml
Mung beans36 - 117 ml
Rice beans36 - 117 ml
Dry broad beans36 - 117 ml
Blackeyed peas36 - 117 ml
Catjang peas36 - 117 ml
Crowder peas36 - 117 ml
Southern peas36 - 117 ml
Guars36 - 117 ml
Lablab beans36 - 117 ml
Runner beans36 - 117 ml
Snap beans36 - 117 ml
Wax beans36 - 117 ml
Snow peas36 - 117 ml
Snap peas36 - 117 ml
Cantaloupe0 ml
Cucumbers0 ml
Pumpkins0 ml
Watermelon0 ml
Okra0 ml
Squash0 ml
Gherkins0 ml
Melons0 ml
Snake gourd0 ml
Ribbed gourd0 ml
Bitter gourd0 ml
Ash gourd0 ml
Chayote0 ml
Gourds0 ml
Waxgourds0 ml
Citron melons0 ml
Chinese cucumber0 ml
Hubbard squash0 ml
Crookneck squash0 ml
Straightneck squash0 ml