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Poleci 2.5 EC Insecticide is not a systemic product. It controls insects through contact and/or ingestion. For maximum efficacy, it is necessary to:
- keep crop and pest under observation to be able to spray at the right moment.
- ensure that insects are contacted during spraying, especially if they are found on the underside of leaves or if the foliage is very dense.
The volumes of water may vary greatly, depending on the equipment, the crop, and cultural conditions.
Actual volumes of water to be used will vary between 11 and 1000 litres per hectare. The distribution of the product over plant surfaces must be as uniform as possible where the insects are moving and/or feeding.

Where a rate range is given in the Directions For Use, the higher rate should be utilised:
1. when the crop canopy is dense and foliage is inhibiting spray penetration.
2. when a number of insect growth stages are present (for example 1st through 5th nymphal stages of grasshoppers OR larvae and adults of Colorado Potato Beetle).
3. when insect populations are very high.
Unless otherwise stated, apply Poleci 2.5 EC Insecticide when insects first appear and repeat as required to maintain control. Use sufficient water to ensure thorough coverage. More water may be required when dense foliage is present and depending on the type of spray equipment used. Thorough wetting of all plants is essential for good results. It is suggested that provincial spray calendar recommendations be followed.
Poleci 2.5 EC Insecticide may be applied by air only on crops specified for aerial use.
If using aerial application equipment, refer to Aerial Application and Environmental Precautions for instructions and cautions to follow.
DO NOT apply using handheld or automated fogging, mist blower or airblast equipment in greenhouses.
DO NOT enter or allow worker entry into treated areas during the Restricted Entry Interval (REI) of 12 hours.
As this product is not registered for the control of pests in aquatic systems, DO NOT use to control aquatic pests.
DO NOT contaminate irrigation or drinking water supplies or aquatic habitats by cleaning of equipment or disposal of wastes.
To protect pollinators, follow the instructions regarding bees in the Environmental Precautions section.

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