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PROMALIN is a plant growth regulator for use on Red Delicious apples. PROMALIN improves the shape of Red Delicious apples through elongation of fruit and development of more prominent calyx lobes. These desirable effects will be most evident in years when natural typiness is limited due to temperatures in the range of 18°-32°C following bloom. PROMALIN has been shown to increase weight of individual fruit. Some thinning may occur when PROMALIN is applied at the higher rate.

Use 1.2 L to 2.3 L of PROMALIN per hectare in 500 to 2000 L of final spray solution per hectare. The spray mixture should be used as a fine spray. Use a properly calibrated and adjusted sprayer that ensures uniform and complete coverage of all foliage. Spray volume should be adjusted to tree size and density. This is equivalent to a sprayer nozzled for a standard 5m tree height on a 6m by 6m spacing. Airblast application: do not direct spray above plants to be treated. Turn off outward-pointing nozzles at row ends and outer rows. Do not apply when wind speed is greater than 16 km/h at the application site as measured outside of the treatment area on the upwind side.

1. Single application should be made between 40% and 80% king bloom to early petal fall. In those areas where prolonged bloom occurs, multiple applications should be made at 5 to 7 day intervals. Do not, however, exceed a total of 2.4L of PROMALIN per hectare.
2. To minimize excessive spray drift, apply when air is calm.
3. High relative humidity and slow drying conditions favor maximum absorption of PROMALIN. Application in morning or evening may be preferable. Conditions favoring rapid drying of the spray deposit should be avoided.
4. Rainfall within six hours after spraying reduces activity of PROMALIN.
5. Do not apply PROMALIN when air temperatures are lower than 5°C or greater than 32°C.
6. Observe a minimum interval to harvest of 28 days after treatment. MIXING INSTRUCTIONS Add the required amount of PROMALIN to a spray tank about half-filled with water. Agitate while bringing the total volume of water to the required level. New solutions should be mixed only in a clean, empty spray tank and used within 24 hours.

DO NOT apply PROMALIN in more than 2000 L of spray per hectare. DO NOT apply by aircraft.



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Apple trees0 - 01.2 - 2.328