Reliance STS Toss-N-Go

DU PONT - herbicide


DuPont RELIANCE STS Toss-N-Go Herbicide is recommended for selective postemergence control of broadleaf weeds ONLY in sulfonylurea tolerant soybean varieties (e.g. varieties designated as “STS”). USE OF RELIANCE STS Toss-N-Go ON SOYBEAN VARIETIES NOT DESIGNATED AS SULFONYLUREA TOLERANT MAY CAUSE SEVERE CROP INJURY. Due to risk of crop injury, do not use RELIANCE STS Toss-NGo Herbicide on crop grown from seed saved from previous year’s production (bin run seed). Information on sulfonylurea tolerant soybean varieties may be obtained from your seed supplier or DuPont representative.
RELIANCE STS Toss-N-Go Herbicide is formulated as a dry flowable granule to be mixed in water and applied as a uniform broadcast spray. It is non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-volatile, and does not freeze.
RELIANCE STS Toss-N-Go Herbicide must be applied with a recommended non-ionic surfactant early postemergence to the main flush of actively growing weeds. Warm, moist growing conditions promote active weed growth and enhance the activity of RELIANCE STS Toss-N-Go Herbicide by allowing maximum foliar uptake and contact activity. Weeds hardened off by environmental stress may not be adequately controlled and regrowth may occur. RELIANCE STS Toss-N-Go Herbicide may only be applied using ground equipment. For best results ensure thorough spray coverage of target weeds.
RELIANCE STS Toss-N-Go Herbicide rapidly stops growth of susceptible weeds. However, typical symptoms (discolouration) of dying weeds may not be noticeable for 1 to 3 weeks after application, depending on growing conditions and weed susceptibility. Favourable growing conditions following treatment promote the activity of RELIANCE STS Toss-N-Go Herbicide while cold, dry conditions delay the activity.
Degree of control and duration of effect depend on weed sensitivity, weed size, crop competition, growing conditions and spray coverage.

Thifensulfuron-methyl is formulated as a wettable granule or a soluble granule sealed within a watersoluble package (WSP). Drop intact WSP directly into spray tank. The WSP and pesticide will dissolve readily in water.
DO NOT allow the WSP to become wet prior to use. Do not handle individual WSP with wet hands or wet gloves as this may cause breakage. Do not remove WSP from overwrap container except for immediate use.
DO NOT open WSP or attempt to remove the contents from them. The contents are not designed to be re-measured or subdivided.
DO NOT use opened or punctured WSP.
If broken WSP is found when the over-wrap bag is opened, avoid contact with, and inhalation of the product. Handle with chemical-resistant gloves and dispose of broken WSP according to the DISPOSAL section.
DO NOT re-enter treated fields until 12 hours after application.
Apply only when the potential for drift to areas of human habitation or areas of human activity (houses, cottages, schools and recreational areas) is minimal. Take into consideration wind speed, wind direction, temperature inversion, application equipment and sprayer settings.

Field sprayer application:
DO NOT apply during periods of dead calm. Avoid application of this product when winds are gusty.
DO NOT apply with spray droplets smaller than the ASAE medium classification.

0 - 0
Registred norm
27.6 - 42.8
Preharvest Interval