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Remedy EC Herbicide is recommended for the control of undesirable woody plants and annual and perennial broadleaved weeds on pastures and rangelands.

For best results, applications of Remedy EC Herbicide should be made when woody plants and weeds are actively growing. Use higher rates when hard-to-control species such as ash, chokecherry, elm, maple (other than vine or big leaf), oaks or pine are present. If lower rates are used on hard-to-control species, resprouting may occur and retreatment may be necessary the following year.
When using a drift control agent, follow the manufacturer’s directions for the correct mixing sequence.

Ground Application
Consult with the appropriate provincial authorities about use permits and the establishment of buffer zones.

Use Precautions
Remedy EC Herbicide is not registered for application to water surfaces including lakes, ponds and streams and is highly toxic to certain species of fish, aquatic plants and aquatic invertebrates. Do not overspray such areas. In order to reduce the hazard of drift to non-target plants, aquatic species or sensitive habitat, ensure that appropriate buffer zones are maintained and refer to the section Spray Drift Control.
Apply only when the potential for drift to areas of human habitation or areas of human activity such as houses, cottages, schools and parks is minimal.
Do not use this product as a broadcast foliar spray in residential areas. Residential areas are defined as sites where bystanders including children may be potentially exposed during or after spraying. This includes around homes, schools, parks, playgrounds, playing fields, public buildings or any other areas where the general public including children could be exposed.
Do not use this product more than once per year.

Spray Drift Control
Take into consideration areas of human habitation, areas of human activities, bodies of water, meteorological conditions, application equipment, and sprayer settings used for application. The potential for spray drift with ground broadcast applications can be reduced by:
Apply a coarse spray using large droplet producing nozzle tips. Do not apply with cone-type nozzle or other nozzles that produce a fine droplet spray.
Use of Radiarc or Nalco-Trol or an equivalent drift control system or additive.
Keep the spray boom as low as possible.
Use a spray pressure no greater than is required to obtain a proper spray pattern for adequate plant coverage.
For ground application, do not apply Remedy EC Herbicide when wind velocity and direction pose a risk of spray drift. Apply when wind speed is low. For aerial application, please refer to “Use Precautions” for appropriate buffer zones under “Restricted Use.”
If a spray thickening agent is used, follow all use directions and precautions on the product label. When using a power sprayer and handgun, direct sprays no higher than the tops of the target plants.

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