Thuricide-HPC High Potency Aqueous Concentrate

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GENERAL: THURICIDE HPC is a biological insecticide and is intended for use against leafchewing larvae (caterpillars) of lepidopterous species. Apply at first sign of infestation when worms are small and repeat at 7-10 day intervals when needed to maintain control
THURICIDE HPC attacks the larval gut when eaten by the insect so thorough underleaf coverage is essential. After eating THURICIDE HPC, worms stop feeding and die within 12- 72 hours. On agricultural crops, THURICIDE HPC may be applied up to the day of harvest.
Add a sticker, adhesive deposit builder where heavy dew or rain is encountered.
MIXING: Always shake or stir, THURICIDE HPC thoroughly before putting recommended amount into a nearly filled spray tank. Maintain agitation. Do not allow diluted sprays to stand in the tank for more than 12 hours. Combinations with chemical insecticides, fungicides, spreaderstickers, and stickers in the tank are generally not harmful to THURICIDE HPC if the mix is used promptly
In order to ensure microbial purity and potency THURICIDE HPC should be stored in the original container at 0° C to 25° C and used witin 6 months of the date of manufacture.
DO NOT apply to any type of irrigation system.
DO NOT contaminate irrigation or drinking water supplies or aquatic habitats by cleaning of equipment or disposal of wastes.
As this pesticide is not registered for the control of pests in aquatic systems, DO NOT use to control aquatic pests.


Ground Application: Use recommended amount of THURICIDE® HPC in a minimum of 200 litres of water per hectare depending on type of equipment and crop.

Aerial Applications:
Apply only by fixed-wing or rotary aircraft equipment which has been functionally and operationally calibrated for the atmospheric conditions of the area and the application rate and conditions of this label.
Label rates, conditions and precautions are product specific. Read and understand the entire label before opening this product. Apply only at the rate recommended for aerial application on this label. Where no rate for aerial application appears for the specific use, this product cannot be applied by any type of aerial equipment.
Ensure uniform application. To avoid streaked, uneven or overlapped application, use appropriate marking devices.

Use Precautions:
Apply only when meteorological conditions at the treatment site allow for complete and even crop coverage. Apply only under conditions of good practice specific to aerial application as outlined in the Basic Knowledge Requirements for Pesticide Education in Canada: Applicator
Core and Aerial Module, developed by CAPCO.
Do not apply to any body of water. Avoid drifting of spray onto any body of water or other nontarget areas. Specified buffer zones should be observed.
Coarse sprays are less likely to drift, therefore, avoid combinations of pressure and nozzle type that will result in fine particles (mist). Do not apply during periods of dead calm or when wind velocity and direction pose a risk of spray drift. Do not spray when the wind is blowing towards a nearby sensitive crop, garden, terrestrial habitat (such as shelter-belt) or aquatic habitat.

Operator Precautions:
Do not allow the pilot to mix chemicals to be loaded onto the aircraft. Loading of premixed chemicals with a closed system is permitted.
It is desirable that the pilot has communication capabilities at each treatment site at the time of application.
The field crew and the mixer/loaders must wear the personal protective equipment described in the PRECAUTIONS section of this label. When handlers/loaders use closed systems to load the product onto the aircraft, the handler requirement for eye goggles and a NIOSH –approved respirator/mask with any N-95, R-95 or P-95 filter for biological products may be waived. When reduced personal protective equipment is worn, the respirator/mask and eye goggles must be immediately available for use in an emergency such as a spill or equipment breakdown
All personnel on the job site must wash hands and face thoroughly before eating and drinking.
Protective clothing must be washed before reuse. Decontaminate aircraft cockpits and vehicle cabs if contamination occurs.

Product Specific Precautions:
Read and understand the entire label before opening this product. If you have questions, call the manufacturer at (800) 250-5024 or obtain technical advice from the distributor or your provincial agricultural representative. Application of this specific product must meet and/or conform to the following:

Volume: Apply the recommended rate in a minimum spray volume of 1.0 litre per hectare.

Registered for culturesRate
Broccoli2 - 4.25 l
Brussels sprouts2 - 4.25 l
Cabbages2 - 4.25 l
Cauliflower2 - 4.25 l
Lettuce2 - 4.25 l
White mustard2 - 4.25 l
Potatoes2 - 4.25 l
Spinach2 - 4.25 l
Tomatoes2 - 4.25 l