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Store product in original container only, away from other pesticides, fertilizer, food or feed. Not for use or storage in or around the home. Keep container closed. To prevent contamination store this product away from food or feed.

Do not reuse this container for any purpose. This is a recyclable container, and is to be disposed of at a container collection site. Contact your local distributor/dealer or municipality for the location of the nearest collection site. Before taking the container to the collection site:
1. Triple- or pressure-rinse the empty container. Add the rinsings to the spray mixture in the tank.
2. Make the empty, rinsed container unsuitable for further use. If there is no container collection site in your area, dispose of the container in accordance with provincial requirements.
For information on disposal of unused, unwanted product, contact the manufacturer or the provincial regulatory agency. Contact the manufacturer and the provincial regulatory agency in case of a spill, and for clean-up of spills.

DUPONT VERIMARK insecticide is a suspension concentrate that can be applied as an in-furrow spray, transplant water treatment, banded surface application, or potato seed-piece treatment to control many important insect pests. DUPONT VERIMARK insecticide is specially formulated for maximum performance by soil and seed-piece treatment application methods. DUPONT VERIMARK insecticide is mixed with water for application.
DUPONT VERIMARK insecticide provides early season control of listed insect pests. The length of control will vary depending on the application rate and local conditions. Fields should be scouted regularly. If insect pest populations exceed local threshold levels, apply a registered foliar insecticide.
DUPONT VERIMARK insecticide is a member of the anthranilic diamide class of insecticides which act on insect ryanodine receptors. After exposure to DUPONT VERIMARK insecticide, affected insects will rapidly stop feeding, become paralyzed, and typically die within 1 - 3 days. When pest populations are expected to be high, use the highest listed application rate for that pest.

Application equipment must be clean and free of previous pesticide deposits before applying DUPONT VERIMARK insecticide. Always add the DUPONT VERIMARK insecticide to water, never put DUPONT VERIMARK insecticide into a dry tank or other mixing equipment without first adding water. Mix thoroughly to fully disperse the insecticide; once dispersed continued agitation is required. Use mechanical or hydraulic means; do not use air agitation. Spray mix should not be stored overnight in spray tank.
Acidification of Spray Tank: All soil applications of DUPONT VERIMARK insecticide should be adjusted to approximately pH 4 - 6. For at-plant soil applications, adjust the pH of the application spray tank using a commercially available acidifier. Adjust the pH of the application solution after all products being applied have been added to the tank. Once prepared, an application solution may be held for up to 8 hours before starting the application. Do not store the application solution overnight.

Recommended Plant-Back Intervals (PBI) for Rotational Crops.
0 days Crop Group 1C (Tuberous and corm vegetables); Crop Group 3-07 (Bulb vegetables); Crop Group 4 (Leafy vegetables; except Brassica vegetables); Crop Group 5 (Brassica (Cole) leafy vegetables); Crop Group 8-09 (Fruiting vegetables); Crop Group 9 (Cucurbit vegetables); Crop Group 13-07B (Bushberry subgroup); Crop Group 20 (Oilseed) Crop Group 1B: Root vegetables
30 days Crop Group 6 (Legume vegetables (succulent or dried); Crop Group 7 (Foliage of legume vegetables); Crop Group 13-07G (Lowgrowing berry subgroup); Crop Group 15 (Cereal grains); Crop Group 16 (Forage, fodder, and straw of cereal grains); Crop Group 17 (Grass forage, fodder, and hay); Crop Group 18 (Nongrass animal feeds: Forage, fodder, straw and hay)
365 days Other crops

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Potatoes750 - 1000 ml
Red beet750 - 1000 ml21
Carrots750 - 1000 ml21
Celeriac750 - 1000 ml21
Chervil750 - 1000 ml21
Chicory750 - 1000 ml21
Ginseng750 - 1000 ml21
Horseradish750 - 1000 ml21
Parsley750 - 1000 ml21
Parsnip750 - 1000 ml21
Radishes750 - 1000 ml21
Rutabagas750 - 1000 ml21
Salsify750 - 1000 ml21
Skirrets750 - 1000 ml21
Turnips750 - 1000 ml21
Broccoli750 - 1700 ml
Chinese broccoli750 - 1700 ml
Rapini750 - 1700 ml
Brussels sprouts750 - 1700 ml
Cabbage750 - 1700 ml
Chinese cabbage750 - 1700 ml
Bok choy750 - 1700 ml
Gai Choy750 - 1700 ml
Cauliflower750 - 1700 ml
Collard greens750 - 1700 ml
Kale750 - 1700 ml
Mizuna750 - 1700 ml
Kohlrabi750 - 1700 ml
Mustard greens750 - 1700 ml
Mustard spinach750 - 1700 ml
Rape greens750 - 1700 ml