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For control of listed insect pests infesting various crops.

Store above 0 C in the original container to prevent freezing. If solids are present, return to room temperature and agitate until solids are dissolved. Keep in closed container when not in use. Avoid contamination of seed, feed and foodstuffs.

Wear appropriate protective equipment when attempting to clean up the spill. If the container is leaking, secure leak and place the container into a drum or heavy gauge plastic bag. Contact Syngenta Canada Inc. (See EMERGENCY NUMBER) for further information.
For spills and leaks - contain the liquid with dikes of inert material (soil, clay, kitty litter, etc.). Absorb the spill onto inert material and shovel into a sealable waste container.
On hard surfaces - sprinkle spill area with detergent and scrub in a small quantity of water with a coarse broom. Let stand 10 minutes then absorb onto an inert material and shovel into the waste container. Dispose of all waste, including broom, in accordance with provincial requirements.
On soil - remove the top 15 cm of soil in the spill area and replace with fresh soil. Dispose of all waste in accordance with provincial requirements. For more information on the disposal of waste and the clean-up of spills, contact the provincial regulatory agency and the manufacturer.

For information on disposal of unused, unwanted product, contact the manufacturer or the provincial regulatory agency. Contact the manufacturer and the provincial regulatory agency in case of a spill, and for clean-up of spills.

VOLIAM XPRESS Insecticide is a foliar insecticide providing both rapid knockdown and long lasting residual control of Lepidopteran insects and listed sucking and chewing insects. After a foliar application, most of the compound stays on the leaf surface and a small amount penetrates into the leaf tissue. Initial and residual control is contingent upon thorough crop coverage.

Apply VOLIAM XPRESS Insecticide when listed insect pest populations begin to build, but before populations reach economically damaging levels. Economic thresholds for listed pests controlled by VOLIAM XPRESS Insecticide may be available from your local agricultural authorities.
Thorough spray coverage is essential for optimal performance. Apply VOLIAM XPRESS Insecticide in sufficient water to ensure good coverage. The use of higher water volumes will generally result in better coverage, especially under adverse conditions (e.g., hot, dry) or where a dense plant canopy exists.
Control of some insect species with pyrethroid insecticides decreases as temperature rises. For best results, apply VOLIAM XPRESS Insecticide during the early morning before temperatures rise, and during the evening, past the heat of the day.
As this product is not registered for the control of pests in aquatic systems, DO NOT use to control aquatic pests.
Optimum application timing for the control of specific listed pest species is best determined by monitoring pest development and populations. In general, VOLIAM XPRESS Insecticide will be most effective against early developmental stages of surface feeding pests and against adults of pests that deposit eggs within plant parts. Follow recommendations provided by local pest monitoring services regarding appropriate application timing for your area. Follow provincial spray calendars for optimum timing of programmed spray applications.
Localized populations of some insect pests have developed resistance to other synthetic pyrethroid insecticides. Consult regional extension specialists regarding the susceptibility of local populations. Follow Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques to minimize the need for insecticide applications and ensure that needed applications are timed for optimum effectiveness.
DO NOT apply Voliam Xpress, which contains a group 28 insecticide, following a seed piece, in-furrow, or soil application of any group 28 insecticide.

1. Ensure that the sprayer interior is clean, then fill the spray tank with 1/2 the required amount of water and engage gentle agitation. Good agitation is indicated by a rippling or rolling action on the surface of the water.
2. Add any WG or DF formulation mix partners and agitate to ensure complete mixing.
3. Add VOLIAM XPRESS (SC) and agitate to ensure complete mixing.
4. Add any additional SC formulation mix partners and agitate to ensure complete mixing.
5. Add any EC formulation mix partners and agitate to ensure complete mixing.
6. Fill the tank to 3/4 the required amount of water.
7. Add any solution (SN or SL) formulation mix partners and agitate to ensure complete mixing.
8. Finish filling the sprayer with water, maintaining good agitation.
9. After any break in spraying operations, agitate thoroughly before spraying again.
10. Spray the pesticide suspension the same day as mixing.
11. Do not mix, load or clean spray equipment where there is a potential to contaminate wells or aquatic systems.

Mixing this product directly in the aircraft hopper IS NOT recommended. The use of chemical handling or managing equipment to load the hopper IS recommended. This product MAY BE inducted into a hopper which is prefilled with water or when the product and water are mixed prior to entering the hopper. This product MAY BE batch mixed and pumped into the hopper. In all cases the chemical handling equipment and hopper interior must be clean prior to use.
NOTE: WG and DF formulations are preferentially batch mixed.
NOTE: SC, SN, and SL formulations may be inducted or batch mixed.
NOTE: EC formulations are preferentially batch mixed.
It is NOT recommended to combine WG or DF formulations with tank mix partners within a single batch. Batch mix WG or DF formulations first, pump into the hopper, and then add tank mix partners by induction or as an additional batch mix.
1. Pump water into the hopper to at least 1/4 to 1/2 of the desired spray volume. Engage hopper circulation, if possible.
2. Thoroughly batch mix any WG or DF formulation mix partners and agitate to ensure complete mixing. Pump into the hopper
3. Induct or thoroughly batch mix VOLIAM XPRESS and any additional SC formulations.
4. Thoroughly batch mix any EC formulation mix partners. EC formulations may be added the batch from Step 2, if desired.
5. Induct or thoroughly batch mix any solution (SN or SL) formulation mix partners. SN/SL formulations may be added to the batch from Step 2, if desired.
6. Pump batch mixed SC, EC, and/or SN/SL products into the hopper.
7. Finish filling the hopper with water.
8. If it was not possible to engage hopper agitation in Step 1, do so as soon as possible once airborne.
9. Spray the pesticide suspension the same day as mixing.
10. Do not mix, load or clean equipment where there is a potential to contaminate wells or aquatic systems.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Arrowroots500 ml7
Chinese artichoke500 ml7
Chufas500 ml7
Taro, dasheen500 ml7
Potatoes500 ml7
Sweet potatoes500 ml7
True yam500 ml7
Broccoli500 ml
Chinese broccoli500 ml
Brussels sprouts500 ml
Cabbage500 ml
Chinese cabbage500 ml
Gai Choy500 ml
Cauliflower500 ml
Kohlrabi500 ml
Beans500 ml14
Chickpeas500 ml14
Guars500 ml14
Lablab beans500 ml14
Lentils500 ml14
Peas500 ml14
Pigeon peas500 ml14
Soybeans500 ml21
Corn500 ml7
Eggplant500 ml7
Pea eggplant500 ml7
Scarlet eggplant500 ml7
Huckleberries500 ml7
Goji500 ml7
Ground cherries500 ml7
Martynia500 ml7
Okra500 ml7
Pepinos500 ml7
Sweet peppers500 ml7
Peppers500 ml7
Wonderberries500 ml7
Tomatoes500 ml7
Tomatillos500 ml7
Roselle500 ml7
Waxgourds500 ml1
Citron melons500 ml1
Cucumbers500 ml1
Gherkins500 ml1
Gourds500 ml1
Cucuzzas500 ml1
Hechimas500 ml1
Momordica charantia500 ml1
Melons500 ml1
Pumpkins500 ml1
Squash500 ml1
Watermelon500 ml1
Corn500 ml
Borage225 ml7
Crambe225 ml7
Winter flax225 ml7
Spring flax225 ml7
White mustard225 ml7
Meadowfoam225 ml7
Winter rape225 ml7
Spring rape225 ml7
Canola225 ml7
Sesame225 ml7
Safflowers225 ml7
Sunflowers225 ml7