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Luna Experience is a new fungicide with a different mode of action than competition for a broad spectrum of foliar diseases:
-Powdery mildew.
-Spot diseases.
-Purple blotch.
-Apple scab.
-Sclerotinia (White mold).
-Grey mold.

Luna Experience  is multi-crop fungicide product a for grapes, fruit and vegetables.
Luna Experience has excellent efficacy at low dose rates, curative and protective properties and can be a tool for proactive resistance management.

Luna Experience benefits:
-Improved quality.
-Longer shelf-life.
-Better storability due to reduction of postharvest losses.
-Increased marketability.
-Reduced fungicide applications.
-Increase the volume of marketable fruit.

How to apply:
foliar application For Cucumber and onion use 300 - 400 lit /fed according to plant size to ensure good coverage
For Grape : use400 - 600 lit /fed according to plant size to ensure good coverage.

Luna Experience  400 SC is a soluble concentrate containing 200 gr a.i/l .Fluopyram + 200 g a.i /l  Tebuconazol.

Mode of action:
Fluopyram blocks (inhibits) the succinate dehydrogenase, Complex II of the fungi’s respiratory chain.


CropsBBCHRegistred normPreharvest Interval
Cucumbers0 - 00 - 07
Mangoes0 - 00 - 03
Onions0 - 00 - 07
Vines0 - 00 - 07