Root Weevil

Otiorhynchus spp.

Root weevils are a plant pest both indoors and outdoors. These destructive little insects will invade the root system of a healthy plant and then proceed to eat the plant from the roots up. Identifying and controlling root weevil in your garden and houseplants can keep your plants from suffering unnecessary damage.

Identifying Root Weevils

Root weevils can be one of several kinds. The most common in the garden is the black vine root weevil or the strawberry root weevil. The black vine weevil attacks shrubs and strawberry weevils attack strawberries. While these are the most common, they are far from the only kind. All plants in your home or garden are susceptible to weevil infestation.

Larval root weevils will look like white grubs or worms and will be found in the soil. Adult weevils are beetle like insects that can be black, brown or grey.

If root weevils are present in your garden or houseplants, there will be damage to both the roots and the leaves. The leaves of the plant will be irregular, as though someone has been taking bites out of the edges. This damage will appear in the night, as root weevils come out to feed at night.