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A contact and residual herbicide (containing two sulfonylurea herbicides) for use as a post crop emergence treatment for the control of a range of annual grass and broad-leaved weeds in winter wheat and triticale.


DO NOT use Alister Flex on crops undersown with grasses, clover or other legumes or any other broad-leaved crop.
Alister Flex must not be applied to any crop suffering from stress as a result of drought, waterlogging, pest or disease attack, nutrient deficiency, soil compaction or other factors reducing crop growth.
DO NOT roll or harrow in the days preceding or following application of Alister Flex.
Because some non-target crops are sensitive to Alister Flex, extreme care is required to avoid drift onto plants outside the target area, or onto ponds, waterways or ditches.
DO NOT apply Alister Flex when rain is imminent.
AVOID application during periods of frosty weather. Sharp or severe frosts before or following application may cause crop yellowing or stunting from which the crop will normally recover.
Store in a safe dry place designated as an agrochemical store.

Winter Wheat
Apply via a tractor mounted/trailed horizontal boom sprayer at a rate of 1.0 L/ha. Apply in 80-300
L/ha as a FINE to MEDIUM spray (BCPC category). Use application techniques which ensure good weed coverage and crop penetration. Ensure that spray swaths do not overlap.
For use on all varieties of winter wheat and triticale. Apply post-emergence of the crop up to and before GS 29 (before the end of tillering).
In some situations (i.e. heavy rainfall prior to treatment, wide temperature fluctuations or severe frost before or after application) crop yellowing and/or stunting can occur. These effects will not affect yield.

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