Alpha Bromotril P

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A suspension concentrate formulation containing 250 g/l bromoxynil (21.6% w/w). Also contains ethylene glycol. Contains bromoxynil, may cause an allergic reaction.

Do not overlap spray swaths.
Do not apply with oils or other adjuvants.
Do not apply using hand held equipment or at volumes lower than those recommended.
Do not spray in windy weather as drift may damage susceptible crops such as beans, beet, brassicas (including Oilseed rape) carrots, legumes, lettuce, tomato, fruit, hops, glasshouse crops, and drift onto open water surfaces.
Do not apply during frosty weather, drought, when soil is waterlogged, when rain is expected within 12 hours of spraying, or to crops under any stress whatsoever.
Where tank mix recommendations are made, the conditions of approval should be followed for ALPHA BROMOTRIL P and the tank mix product(s).

Weeds Controlled
Black-bindweed Knotgrass
Black nightshade Pale persicaria
Common chickweed Redshank
Fat-hen Red Dead-nettle
Field Penny-cress Scentless mayweed

Bromotril P Alone
Spring sown maize may be treated with ALPHA BROMOTRIL P from the two fully expanded leaves stage up to the nine fully expanded leaves stage.
Cereals should be sprayed from the two fully expanded leaf stage but before 2nd node detectable stage.
Crops should be sprayed when the main weed flush has germinated and the largest weeds are at the 4 leaf stage.
Applications to weeds larger than this growth stage may not be fully effective.
Rate of use
Maize: the maximum application rate is 2.4 l/ha in at least 200 l/ha water
Cereals: the maximum application rate is 1.6 l/ha in at least 200 l/ha water

Weed control can be enhanced by using two split doses of ALPHA BROMOTRIL P.
The stage of growth of the crop is not critical provided it has emerged and is not under stress.
Spray each dose when the weeds are at the seedling stage to 2 true leaf stage.
Always ensure that the second application is made before the crop has ten expanded true leaves and before the crop canopy covers the ground.
Rates of Use
ALPHA BROMOTRIL P 1.4 l/ha in at least 200 l/ha water followed by 1.0 l/ha ALPHA BROMOTRIL P in at least 200 l/ha water.

ALPHA BROMOTRIL P can be safely used on most modern maize and cereal varieties. When used under hot conditions or when growth is particularly rapid, scorch to foliage will occur. This rapidly disappears without affecting the growth of the crop.
To avoid scorch apply ALPHA BROMOTRIL P to young plants under cool conditions. If the weather during application turns hot spray in the evening when temperatures have fallen.

Ensure that the sprayer is clean and in good working order. Calibrate according to the sprayer manufacturers recommendations.
Volume - Apply in a minimum of 200 l/ha and increase to 400 l/ha in dense crops or where weeds are at the largest growth stage.
Pressure- Do not use less than 2 bars (30 p.s.i)
Half fill the spray tank with clean water and begin agitation. Add the required quantity of Alpha Bromotril P to the tank and complete filling. Continue agitation until spraying is complete.

All goods supplied by us are of high grade and we believe them to be suitable, but as we cannot exercise control over their storage, handling, mixing or use, or the weather conditions before, during and after application which may affect the performance of the goods, all conditions and warranties, statutory or otherwise, as to the quality of fitness for any purpose of our goods are excluded, and no responsibility will be accepted by us or re-sellers for any failure in performance, damage or injury whatsoever arising from their storage, handling application or use. These conditions cannot be varied by our staff or agents whether or not they supervise or assist in the use of such goods.



Registered for culturesRateBBCH
Winter wheat1.6 l1 - 32
Spring wheat1.6 l1 - 32
Spring barley1.6 l1 - 32
Spring barley1.6 l1 - 32
Spring oats1.6 l1 - 32
Winter oats1.6 l1 - 32
Winter rye1.6 l1 - 32
Spring rye1.6 l1 - 32
Winter triticale1.6 l1 - 32
Spring triticale1.6 l1 - 32
Corn2.4 l1 - 19