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A suspension concentrate containing 500 g/ litre propyzamide and 5.3 g/ litre aminopyralid (present as 6.3 g/litre aminopyralid potassium salt). A foliar and residual herbicide for the control of a wide range of weeds in WINTER OILSEED RAPE.

IMPORTANT: This information is approved as part of the Product Label. All instructions within this section must be read carefully in order to obtain safe and successful use of this product.

Other Specific Restrictions:
Do not harvest crops for human or animal consumption for at least 6 weeks after application.
Livestock must be kept out of treated areas for at least 1 week following treatment and until poisonous weeds such as ragwort have died and become unpalatable.
Users must have received adequate instruction, training and guidance in the safe and efficient use of the product and must take all reasonable precautions to protect the health of human beings and non-target organisms and safeguard the environment.
The product must not be used on land where vegetation will be cut for animal feed, fodder or bedding nor for composting or mulching within one calendar year of treatment.
Following crops (winter and spring wheat) should not be planted within 30 weeks of application of ASTROKERB

ASTROKERB contains aminopyralid, traces of this material in oilseed rape straw can damage sensitive crops. Aminopyralid residues in plant tissues which have not completely decayed may affect succeeding susceptible crops e.g. peas, beans and other legumes, sugar beet, fodder beet, carrots and umbelliferae, potatoes and tomatoes, lettuce and other compositae. Therefore following good agricultural practice ensure that all remains of the oilseed rape crop have completely decayed before planting susceptible crops. DO NOT remove oilseed rape straw from the field unless it is to be used for burning for heat or electricity production.
DO NOT feed animals with treated oilseed rape straw.
DO NOT use oilseed rape straw for animal bedding.
DO NOT use oilseed rape straw for composting or mulching.
Take care to avoid local overdosing.
Do not make more than one application of ASTROKERB to any one crop.
If animals are inadvertently fed or bedded on oilseed rape straw treated with ASTROKERB, do not use animal waste for composting.
Do not use on crops grown for seed

Neighbouring Crops/Plants
Avoid damage by drift onto susceptible crops, non-target plants or waterways. Do not apply directly to, or allow spray drift to come into contact with agricultural or horticultural crops, amenity plantings, gardens, ponds, lakes or watercourses.

ASTROKERB can be used on all soil types except those containing more than 10% organic matter.

ASTROKERB requires moisture for root uptake. Best residual action is obtained in moist soils of fine tilth.
ASTROKERB can be applied under frosty conditions but should not be used where
Best results are achieved when growth of weeds (especially blackgrass and volunteer cereals) is slow, but transpiration continues. In mild autumns/winters, emerged weeds may take longer to be controlled, the residual activity of ASTROKERB will be shortened and overall control may be reduced.
The efficacy of ASTROKERB may be reduced in organic soils and in the presence of excessive surface organic debris, burnt straw, ash, or ploughed-up turf.

Strains of some annual grasses (e.g. blackgrass, wild oats, Italian ryegrass) have developed resistance to herbicides which may lead to poor control. A strategy for preventing and managing such resistance should be adopted. Guidelines have been produced by the Weed Resistance Action Group and copies are available from the HGCA, CPA, your distributor, crop adviser or product manufacturer.

ASTROKERB can be applied after the use of an approved specific graminicide applied in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations.

Apply ASTROKERB in 200 to 300 litres of water per hectare. Ensure good ground cover.

Application should be made through a ground crop sprayer.

Do not apply through broadcast air-assisted sprayers.

Winter cereals and spring cereals only.
Treated land must be mouldboard ploughed to a depth of 15 cm prior to drilling a following cereal crop.
Please consult Dow AgroSciences if a treated crop fails because of bad growing conditions.

Add half the required volume of water to the spray tank and begin agitation. Add the recommended quantity of ASTROKERB. Agitate while topping up the tank and continue agitation until spraying is complete.

Thoroughly wash all spraying and measuring equipment with water immediately after use.
To avoid subsequent injury to crops, all spraying equipment must be thoroughly cleaned both inside and out after an application of ASTROKERB.
1. Immediately after spraying, drain tank completely. Any contamination on the outside of the spraying equipment should be removed by washing with clean water.
2. Rinse inside of tank with clean water and flush through booms and hoses using at least one tenth of the spray tank volume. Drain tank completely.
3. Half fill tank with clean water. Agitate and then briefly flush the boom and hoses. Top up with water making sure the tank is completely full and allow to stand for 15 minutes with agitation. Flush the boom and hoses and drain tank completely.
4. Nozzles and filters should be cleaned separately and removed if necessary.
5. For disposal of washings, follow local regulations. Do not spray onto sensitive crop or land intended for cropping with sensitive crop.

Note: If it is not possible to drain the tank completely, step 3 must be repeated before going onto step 4.


Dow AgroSciences Conditions of Supply
All goods supplied by us are of high grade and we believe them to be suitable but, as we cannot exercise control over their storage, handling, mixing or use, or the weather conditions before, during or after application which may affect the performance of the goods, all conditions and warranties, statutory or otherwise, as to the quality or fitness for any purpose of our goods are excluded. No responsibility will be accepted by us or re-sellers for any failure in performance, damage or injury whatsoever arising from their storage, handling, application or use. These conditions cannot be varied by our staff or agents whether or not they supervise or assist in the use of such goods.



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