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Contains 400 g/l propyzamide in a suspension concentrate.
For the control of annual grass weeds, volunteer cereals, wild-oat and certain broad-leaved weeds in winter oilseed rape, winter field beans, outdoor lettuce and rhubarb, in established crops of pome fruit orchards and top/cane fruit crops and strawberry; for weed control in forestry, forest nursery and amongst outdoor woody ornamentals.

Where mayweed is a problem in winter oilseed rape, Barclay Propyz may be tank-mixed at rates recommended in the table with all registered clopyralid products. When tank-mixing, add Barclay Propyz in the spray tank first. The Directions for Use of the partner product tank-mixed with Barclay Propyz must be followed together with the Directions of this label.

Apply by conventional hydraulic tractor mounted or trailed sprayer or knapsack sprayer. Apply the recommended rate of Barclay Propyz in 200-1000 l/ha water as MEDIUM spray or COARSE spray at the higher spray volumes. Use the higher rate in dense crops and ensure good cover of the ground with the spray. Do not apply with adjuvant oils or wetting agents, or within 10 days before or after their use. Avoid spray drift and local overdosing.

Apply Barclay Propyz as a MEDIUM spray. Calibrate equipment before an actual application.
A full 20 litre knapsack sprayer applying spray at 250 l/ha will treat 800 m²

Invert the container several times and shake thoroughly before pouring. Half fill the spray tank with water and start the re-circulation system. Pour the required quantity of product into the spray tank. Top up the spray tank with water to the required level. Continue agitation until the tank is sprayed out. When tank-mixing, add Barclay Propyz to the spray tank first. Spray immediately after mixing. Clean all utensils and the spraying machine thoroughly after use, using standard procedures. RINSE CONTAINER THOROUGHLY by using an integrated pressure rinsing device or manually rinsing three times. Add washings to sprayer at time of filling and dispose of safely.

Users should verify for themselves varietal tolerance to propyzamide before treating large numbers of plants of any new variety being grown for the first time.

(Soil Texture Classifications – 1985 System).
All agricultural and horticultural crops except winter field beans and strawberries.
Crops on all soil types except those containing 10% or more organic matter may be treated.
Winter field beans
For use only on medium and heavy soil types containing less than 10% organic matter.
For use only on heavy soil types containing less than 10% organic matter.

Soil moisture is necessary for herbicidal activity. Best results are obtained under cool, moist conditions. Warm soils accelerate degradation and may result in reduced efficacy. Application may be made under any weather conditions compatible with safe spraying. DO NOT APPLY to frozen soils on slopes or in any situation where runoff might occur before soil penetration.

Consult processors before treating crops intended for processing.

The soil should be mould-board ploughed to a depth of at least 15 cm before planting or sowing to a following crop. Do not sow any cereal or grass crop for 40 weeks following an application of Barclay Propyz.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Winter rape2.1 l
Beans2.1 l
Lettuce3.5 l42
Strawberries3.5 l
Rhubarbs4.25 l