Barclay Seismic WG

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Contains 700 g/kg metamitron as a water dispersible granule.
For use only as an agricultural contact and residual herbicide for the selective pre-emergence and post-emergence control of annual broad-leaved weeds in sugar beet, fodder beet, mangels and red beet.

Barclay Seismic WG has both direct foliar contact activity and residual soil activity against weeds; the latter resulting from root uptake of metamitron from the soil solution. The residual activity and overall efficacy of Barclay Seismic WG depends upon the cumulative dose applied most particularly on mineral soils. Maximum residual activity is obtained only when the full sequence of recommended applications is made and there is adequate soil moisture.

Crop: Sugar beet, fodder beet, mangels and red beet.
Soils: Mineral soils with less than 10% organic matter.

On mineral soils Barclay Seismic WG at 3 kg/ha may be tank-mixed with the recommended rate of triallate and incorporated prior to drilling for wild-oat and partial broad-leaved weed control. Follow the recommendations of the partner product concerning rates of application and incorporation. Subsidiary applications of Barclay Seismic WG must then be made (see REPEAT LOW-DOSE) to achieve full broad-leaved weed control.
On organic soils Barclay Seismic WG may follow applications of triallate, made before drilling, after the beet have reached the two true-leaf stage.
An approved formulation of diclofop-methyl may be used following pre-sowing or pre-emergence applications of Barclay Seismic WG

Soil and Weather Conditions
Best results are obtained where seedbeds are fine, firm and moist. Weather extremes following treatment, particularly frost, may cause loss of crop vigour from which the crop may not fully recover.

Soil Textures
All soil textural groups except SANDS (ADAS Soil Texture, [85 System]) may be treated with Barclay Seismic WG.

Barclay Seismic WG is compatible in tank-mix with the Barclay range of trace elements and the undermentioned products. When using tank-mixes follow the recommendations of the partner product together with the directions of this label. Mix Barclay Seismic WG in the tank before adding the partner product. Barclay Actol (Paraffinic Oil), Barclay Keeper 200 (Ethofumesate), Barclay Crossbar 114 (Phenmedipham), Clopyralid, Triallate.

Half fill the spray tank with water. With the re-circulation system in action, slowly pour the required quantity of product granules into the tank. Top up the tank with water. Maintain re-circulation during spraying and temporary stoppages and until tank is sprayed out.

Do not use filters finer than 80 mesh. Do not exceed 8 kph (5 mph) whilst spraying.

Apply as a MEDIUM spray in 200 l/ha.

Apply as a FINE spray in 80-100 l/ha at 3-5 bar.

Band Application
(Practicable for single spray treatments only)
Row spacing (cm) 46 50 54 60
Hectares covered by 240 litres in 18 cm band 2.6 2.8 3.0 3.3

Check the band width for accuracy at regular intervals otherwise incorrect application will result

Stress Factors
When a crop is suffering from any stress, such as may be induced by other pre-emergence or post emergence herbicides, nutritional disorder, soil acidity, high light intensity, high temperatures, frost, moisture stress or excess wind, pest or disease attack, or any other factor, application of Barclay Seismic WG, more particularly with adjuvant oil, may cause marginal leaf scorch and/or a check to growth possibly leading to some loss of yield. This condition is likely to be accentuated by the use of other herbicides within the same programme.

In the event of crop failure for any reason or early harvest, no crop other than sugar beet, fodder beet, mangels or red beet may be sown or planted within 4 months of treatment with Barclay Seismic WG. Plough at least 15 cm (6”) deep and thoroughly cultivate to disperse herbicide residues before sowing or planting to a succeeding crop. Winter cereals may then be sown 4 months after treatment or any crop in the following spring. Check also the corresponding label statement of any product used in a tank-mix.


Registered for culturesRate
Sugar beets5 kg
Beets5 kg
Mangels5 kg
Red beet5 kg