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A selective herbicide for the control of annual broad-leaved weeds and barnyard grass in grain and forage maize.


Barracuda is a suspension concentrate containing the herbicide active ingredient mesotrione for the control of annual broad-leaved weeds in grain maize and forage maize crops only. Barracuda is absorbed by the weed foliage and works mainly by means of uptake through the leaves and limited uptake through the roots. After entry into the plant, mesotrione is translocated to the growing points. For best results, use when there is adequate soil moisture, under warm/humid conditions and when the weeds are small and actively growing. Following application sensitive weed species show chlorosis and subsequently die.


EXTREME CARE MUST BE TAKEN TO AVOID SPRAY DRIFT to avoid damage to plants outside the target area.
DO NOT APPLY under windy conditions.
DO NOT ALLOW SPRAY SWATHS TO OVERLAP as crop damage may occur.
DO NOT USE on any crop that is being grown for seed.
DO NOT USE on any sweetcorn variety.
Do not apply to crops that are under stress from any cause including pest or disease attack, nutrient deficiency, drought, waterlogging, previous herbicide application or any other cause.
Do not apply during very cold or frosty conditions or when large temperature fluctuations or excessive rainfall are forecasted or expected.
Before use, make sure the sprayer is cleaned from any previous use, and that it is calibrated to apply the recommended spray volume and pressure. Make sure that all the sprayer nozzles are performing equally and that the spray boom is set at the correct height above the crop.
Trace amounts of Barracuda remaining in the sprayer after use can cause damage to other crops subsequently treated with the same equipment. Immediately after use thoroughly clean the sprayer and all equipment as follows: fill the spray tank with clean water to a minimum of 10% of its total volume. Flush the water through the sprayer, including nozzles and spray booms and lines. Drain and repeat the procedure. During spray equipment cleaning, do not allow the product or sprayer equipment washings to contaminate water. Do not clean application equipment near surface water. Avoid contamination via drains from farmyards and roads. 


Barracuda contains mesotrione which is from a group of herbicides referred to as 4-HPPD inhibitors. This class of compounds act by disrupting the synthesis of certain plant pigments involved in photosynthesis.
At the present time there is no known cross-resistance to mesotrione in weeds that exhibit resistance or reduced sensitivity to other herbicides with different modes of action. The use of Barracuda in mixtures and sequences with other herbicides approved for use in grain and forage maize crops and with a different mode of action is recommended to help to reduce the development of resistance. As herbicides in the group of 4-HPPD inhibitors are currently only available in maize crops, crop rotation with the use of herbicides with a different mode of action will also help to reduce the development of resistance. In the event that strains of weeds develop resistance or become less sensitive to a specific herbicide such as mesotrione, weed control may be reduced.
Where maize crops are grown in successive seasons, avoid the use of Barracuda for more than two successive seasons to avoid the potential for weed resistance developing to mesotrione.


Apply Barracuda at 0.75-1.5 litres per ha in 200-300 litres of water per hectare. Select the dose rate from within this recommended range according to the weed species present, see “WEEDS CONTROLLED”. Select the most appropriate water volume from within this recommended range to give good even cover of the weed foliage. Use the minimum water volume (200 litres per ha) wherever possible, but the higher volume (300 litres per ha) may be required if the weed foliage is dense. Do not exceed the maximum recommended water volume. Use a conventional hydraulic nozzle field crop sprayer with suitable nozzles operating at a pressure of 2-3 bar to apply a MEDIUM quality spray (BCPC). The use of any tank mix adjuvant with Barracuda is not required and is not recommended.


Half fill the sprayer tank with clean water and begin gentle agitation. Add the required quantity of product into the sprayer tank and allow to disperse fully. Rinse the empty containers thoroughly by using an integrated pressure rinsing device or manually rinsing three times. Add the washings to the sprayer and continue agitation whilst topping up the tank with water to the required level. Continue agitation until the mix is sprayed out. Spray immediately after mixing, do not allow the mixture to stand in the sprayer. When using tankmixes follow any specified order of addition on the partner product label(s).

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