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Our patented Double-A technology optimises both the spectrum of weeds controlled and the contact effectiveness of Betanal maxxPro to ensure that it gives you fast and robust weed control in sugar beet that consistently performs year on year.


Betanal maxxPro is a selective weedkiller for the post-emergence control of many annual weeds in beet crops.
Betanal maxxPro is recommended for low volume overall spraying in a planned spray programme and can follow an Approved pre-emergence herbicide and / or Approved post-emergence herbicide treatment(s) used at recommended low doses for programmes.
Betanal maxxPro acts mainly by contact action but will, in a planned programme and in moist conditions, provide residual control of some later germinating weeds.


All commercially grown varieties of sugar beet, fodder beet and mangels may be treated with Betanal maxxPro.

Betanal maxxPro may be used on all soil types. On soils with more than 5% organic matter content residual activity may be reduced.
Factors Affecting Crop Tolerance
When used as recommended, Betanal maxxPro exhibits good safety to beet. Several factors may affect crop tolerance and individually may appear to have little effect, but may be important when two or more occur at the same time. (see COMPANY ADVISORY INFORMATION)

Avoid drift to areas outside those being sprayed, having due regard to the prevailing weather conditions and spray quality being used. The risk of drift is greater when a FINE quality spray, as recommended for this product, is used.

Rates of use
A programme of Betanal maxxPro low volume treatments should be applied as directed below.
1st spray
Crop and weeds at cotyledon stage
1.25 L/ha
2nd and subsequent sprays
Crop at or beyond two true leaf stage
1.5 L/ha

The first Betanal maxxPro application may be made when the majority of crop plants have reached the fully expanded cotyledon stage.
The first flush of weeds should preferably not be larger than the fully expanded cotyledon stage at the time of spraying and must not be larger than the sizes stated under WEEDS CONTROLLED.
Where a pre-emergence treatment has been applied as a band spray, it will be necessary to time the first post-emergence Betanal maxxPro treatment according to the size of weeds present between the rows where there is no pre-emergence effect.
A single application of Betanal maxxPro is seldom sufficient to achieve season long weed control.
Susceptible weeds may not all be killed by the first treatment. They will usually be checked and then controlled by later applications. Further Betanal maxxPro sprays should be applied as each new flush of weeds reaches the cotyledon stage.
Successful results from a programme are achieved by applying each spray when the previous one is still showing an effect on the weeds, but a minimum of 5 days must elapse between treatments.
80 to 200 litres water per hectare

Registered for culturesRate
Sugar beets1.5 l
Beets1.5 l