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A micro-emulsion formulation containing 60g/L of carfentrazone-ethyl for the control of weeds in potatoes, desiccation of potato haulm and for weed control prior to planting any edible or non-edible crop.


Important: This information is approved as part of the Product Label. All instructions within this section must be read carefully in order to obtain safe and successful use of this product.
Clayton Xenon is a contact herbicide/desiccant which can be used for weed control in potatoes, for weed control prior to planting a subsequent crop and as a desiccant of potato haulm. Consult processors before using two or more applications of Clayton Xenon on first and second early varieties of potato as safety has not been established.
Clayton Xenon is a contact herbicide / desiccant and therefore needs good coverage to optimise efficacy. Clayton Xenon also works on leaves when crops are senescing. It is safe to use on all soil types in either dry conditions or before rain is forecast.

Crop: Clayton Xenon may be applied from pre-crop emergence up to before 5% crop emergence (i.e. 1 plant in 20 emerged) in first early varieties and before 10% crop emergence (i.e. 1 plant in 10 emerged) in second early and maincrop varieties. No plants should be more than 10cm high in any case.
Weeds: For optimum control application should be made when weeds are between the cotyledon and 2-4 expanded leaf stage. Weeds emerging after application will not be controlled. Treatment may cause burn off of emerged potato shoots within 7-10 days. Subsequent crop growth and yield are unaffected.

DOSE: The recommended dose of Clayton Xenon is 0.333 L/ha

VOLUME OF WATER AND SPRAY PRESSURE: Apply Clayton Xenon Plus in 200 L of water per hectare at a minimum spray pressure of 3 Bar using a MEDIUM spray quality

TIMING : Apply Clayton Xenon when the weeds are no bigger than the maximum growth stages stated in the weed control table. An interval of 1 month must be observed before planting any subsequent crop.

DOSE: The recommended dose of Clayton Xenon is 0.333 L/ha

VOLUME OF WATER AND SPRAY PRESSURE : Apply Clayton Xenon in 200 L of water per hectare at a minimum spray pressure of 3 Bar using a MEDIUM spray quality

Seed and ware crops: Apply Clayton Xenon at the onset of senescence. For crops with very vigorous haulm or where re-growth occurs following a single application a second application may be necessary to achieve satisfactory desiccation. This may be the case for certain maincrop varieties, especially Maris Piper, because of inherent vigour. A minimum interval between applications of 7 days should be observed to achieve optimum performance. Allow at least 14-21 days between the final application and lifting to allow skins to set if tubers are to be stored.
Flailed Crops: Crops should be flailed when tubers have reached the desired size and sprayed with Clayton Xenon ensuring that the flailed haulm is not covering the stems that remain. Efficacy will be reduced where flailed, haulm covers the stems at application.

Seed and ware crops: The recommended dose of Clayton Xenon after flailing the crop is 1.0L/ha.
When a second application is made this must not exceed 0.6L/ha
Volume of water and spray pressure: Apply Clayton Xenon in 300 to 600 L of water per hectare (use a higher water volume where potato foliage is dense) and at a minimum spray pressure of 3 Bar.
A MEDIUM spray quality should be used.
Spray criteria: As Clayton Xenon acts by contact action only it is important to follow the application parameters stated below if optimum desiccation is to be achieved.
• Application using a well maintained and calibrated sprayer
• Volume of water adjusted to the density of foliage (300-600 L/ha).
• Pressure and forward speed adjusted to obtain the best penetration of the product into the foliage
Succeeding and replacement crops: There is no restriction on the planting of any succeeding crop 1 month after the application of Clayton Xenon.

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