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Contents: Contains 24 DB and MCPA as sodium/potassium salt
Use: For the control of a wide range of broad-leaved weeds, including Charlock, in all cereals, including undersown and direct re-seeds.

General Description: Weeds Controlled: Black Mustard, Corn Buttercup, Fat Hen, Pennycress, Shepherd’s Purse, Yellow Charlock, Redshank (Willow Weed), Pale Periscaria, Treacle Mustard, Small Nettle, annual Sowthistle, Bulbous Buttercup, Perennial Sowthistle

Rates of Application: 7 litres/hectare (5 pints/acre) D.B. Plus in 220-550 litres (20-50 gallons) of water using any conventional type of crop spraying equipment. Application should be made in good growing weather and not in cold weather, during drought or if rain is expected.

Time of Application: Spring Oats and Barley: Apply from the first leaf stage Z.C.K. 1.1 until the start of “shooting” or “jointing” Z.C.K. 3.1

Spring Wheat: Apply between the five-leaf stage Z.C.K. 1.5 stage and the start of “shooting” or “jointing” Z.C.K. 3.1

Winter Wheat, Barley and Oats: Apply when fully tillered in the spring Z.C.K. 30 to the start of “shooting” or “jointing” Z.C.K. 3.1

Cereals undersown with white and red clovers: Apply after the first trifoliate leaf stage provided the cereal has reached the specific stage of growth. With red clover, some leaf deformity may be observed but subsequent growth will be normal.

Direct re-seeds: Apply after the first trifoliate leaf has appeared on the majority of the clovers, ensuring that the weeds are at the susceptible stage.