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Flexidor is a suspension concentrate containing 500 g/litre (12.14% w/w) isoxaben.

A residual herbicide for the control of broad-leaved weeds in top, bush, summer fruiting cane and soft fruit, vines, hops, forestry, ornamental plant production and amenity vegetation.


IMPORTANT: This information is approved as part of the Product Label. All instructions within this section must be read carefully in order to obtain safe and successful use of this product.


Avoid using single mode of action herbicides in the same field over a number of years. Growers are advised to apply products containing herbicides with different modes of action or use sequences or tank mixtures where two or more components are active against the target weeds.

To ensure thorough mixing of the product invert the container several times before opening. Add the required amount of FLEXIDOR herbicide to a half-filled spray tank under agitation and complete filling the tank.

FLEXIDOR may be applied through tractor mounted hydraulic sprayers and knapsack sprayers equipped with nozzles producing a medium spray quality as defined by the BCPC system. For tractor mounted hydraulic sprayers use a standard boom sprayer with bypass agitation.
Ensure the pump has sufficient capacity to provide good agitation and generate adequate pressure. The spray boom and nozzles should be set to provide even coverage, which should be checked during application.

Apply FLEXIDOR in a volume of 100 to 400 litres of water per hectare. For hand-held knapsack situations refer to the relevant section.
Apply as a MEDIUM spray as defined by the BCPC system.

Thoroughly wash all spraying and measuring equipment with water immediately after use.
To avoid subsequent injury to crops, all spraying equipment must be thoroughly cleaned both inside and out after an application of FLEXIDOR.
1. Immediately after spraying, drain tank completely. Any contamination on the outside of the spraying equipment should be removed by washing with clean water.
2. Rinse inside of tank with clean water and flush through booms and hoses using at least one tenth of the spray tank volume. Drain tank completely.
3. Half fill tank with clean water. Agitate and then briefly flush the boom and hoses. Top up with water making sure the tank is completely full and allow to stand for 15 minutes with agitation. Flush the boom and hoses and drain tank completely.
4. Nozzles and filters should be cleaned separately and removed if necessary.
5. For disposal of washings, follow local regulations. Do not spray onto sensitive crop or land intended for cropping with sensitive crop.
Note: If it is not possible to drain the tank completely, step 3 must be repeated before going onto step 4.

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