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FOUNDATION is a soluble concentrate containing 600 g/litre (46.3% w/w) mecoprop-P and 84 g/litre (6.5% w/w) dicamba as potassium salts.

IMPORTANT: This information is approved as part of the Product Label. All instructions within this section must be carefully read in order to obtain safe and successful use of this product.

FOUNDATION can be used on all varieties of winter and spring sown wheat, winter and spring sown barley and oats, and on established leys or permanent grassland.
FOUNDATION controls broad-leaved dock, curled dock and many other weeds in established grassland and permanent pasture.
Apply FOUNDATION before perennial weeds flower. If perennial weeds, such as docks, have flowered, they should be topped and allowed to regrow before applying FOUNDATION. Do not cut or graze grassland for at least two weeks after application of FOUNDATION.
Rate of use
Apply FOUNDATION at 1.25 litres per hectare.
Water volume
Apply FOUNDATION in 100–500 litres water per hectare.
FOUNDATION can be used on all varieties of winter and spring sown wheat, winter and spring sown barley and winter and spring sown oats.
Do not spray cereals which have been, or are to be, undersown. Clovers or other legumes may be killed or severely checked by FOUNDATION.
Spray during good growing conditions, preferably in warm, moist weather.
Spray FOUNDATION in spring, from the 5 fully expanded leaf stage but before the first node detectable stage. Under some conditions, temporary prostration of the crop may occur after spraying. The crop will soon recover and grow away normally.
Do not spray FOUNDATION late in the season (beyond the recommended stage) especially if the crop is under stress (e.g. drought conditions), and particularly when early maturing winter wheat varieties are grown.
Rates of use
For use in winter and spring sown cereals, apply 1.25 litres/ha of FOUNDATION. A lower rate of 1.0 litre/ha may be used in spring cereals only.
Water volume
100–500 litres of water per hectare.
A minimum of 200 litres per hectare is recommended to ensure good coverage of weed if the crop is dense or problem weeds are at advanced stages of growth.
Make sure the sprayer is set to give an even application at the correct volume.
Fill the spray tank with half the required volume of water. Add the required amount of FOUNDATION. Add the rest of the water and agitate the mixture thoroughly immediately before use and continue agitation during spraying.
Thoroughly wash all spraying and measuring equipment with water and wetting agent immediately after use.
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