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FUSILADE MAX is an emulsifiable concentrate containing 125 g/l fluazifop-P-butyl (13.7% w/w).
FUSILADE MAX containing fluazifop-P-butyl is a herbicide for control of wild oats, volunteer cereals and other grass weeds, post-emergence in broad-leaved crops and other situations.
FUSILADE MAX is rapidly absorbed through the leaves and moves upwards and downwards throughout the plant to the growing points. FUSILADE MAX is effective against both annual and perennial grass weeds including Common Couch. Decay of the growing points in stems is visible after 7 days. Foliar kill is complete in 3–4 weeks when weeds are actively growing under warm conditions.
FUSILADE MAX is rainfast within 1–2 hours of application.
Avoid drift and possible damage to neighbouring crops. Do not spray in windy weather, especially if applying a FINE spray when the risk of drift is increased.
Cereal or grass crops should not be sown for at least 8 weeks after application of the 3.0 litres per hectare rate or at least 2 weeks after application of the 1.0–1.5 litres per hectare rates.
Preparation of spray
Half fill the spray tank with CLEAN water and start agitation. Shake the container and add the correct amount of FUSILADE MAX to the sprayer using a filling device (e.g. induction hopper) or by direct addition to the spray tank. Complete filling and agitate thoroughly.
Continue agitation during spraying and stoppages.
Wash out container thoroughly. Preferably use an integrated pressure rinsing device or manually rinse three times. Add washings to the sprayer at the time of filling.
Dispose of rinsed containers safely according to Local Code of Practice.
Volume of water
Even coverage of the weeds is essential for good results.
80 to 200 litres per hectare may be used in open crops with light weed infestations.
200 to 500 litres per hectare should be used in dense crops or in dense weed situations.
Application methods
Even coverage of the weeds is essential for good results. Apply through a conventional hydraulic sprayer using a pressure of 2-4 bars. For spray volumes 80 to 200 litres per hectare apply as a FINE spray. For spray volumes above 200 litres per hectare apply as a MEDIUM spray.
Ensure that the sprayer is properly cleaned and washed before use, spray contamination may damage crops.
Correctly calibrate sprayer before use. Do not leave spray liquid in the sprayer for long periods (i.e. during meals or overnight).
Application by tractor mounted sprayer only.
Application by air or through controlled droplet application equipment is not permitted. Do not apply by knapsack or other hand-held sprayers.
Band spraying
FUSILADE MAX may be applied through a standard band sprayer for the control of annual grass weeds. Common Couch may be treated but re-growth from an untreated band may reduce efficacy.
After use
Wash equipment thoroughly after use with a non-ionic surfactant adjuvant that is not an organosilicone in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Spray tank washings on to waste ground and away from water courses.
This product is to be used only in accordance with the recommendations and instructions given on the labels provided with this pack. Use in any other circumstances is entirely at user’s risk.
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Black currant3 l
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Carrots3 l56
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Peas1.5 l
Sugar beets3 l56
Beets3 l56
Turnips3 l56
Winter rape1.5 l56