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Contains 103.6 g/l triclopyr acid equivalent under the triclopyr butoxy-ethyl ester (BEE) form, 93 g/l 2,4-D acid equivalent under the 2,4-D ethyl-hexyl ester (EHE) form, formulated as an Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC). A selective herbicide for the control of broadleaved weeds and woody plants in grassland

IMPORTANT: This information is approved as part of the Product Label. All instructions within this section must be read carefully in order to obtain safe and successful use of this product.

GENOXONE ZX EC may be applied to grassland that has been established for a minimum of twelve months.
Do not apply to grass suffering from drought, during freezing conditions or when rain is imminent.
Do not cut treated grassland for 14 days after treatment.
Do not roll or harrow treated grassland with 7 days of spraying.
The first four mowings of treated grass must be composted for six months before use as mulch. Do not treat grass crops intended for seed production.
Do not use overall applications of Genoxone ZX EC where clover is an important part of the sward. Do not sow any crop into a sward treated with Genoxone ZX EC for at least six weeks after application. Do not sow any broadleaf crop into a treated area for at least three months.
The growth of certain grass species such as bents and Yorkshire Fog may be temporarily suppressed by the application of Genoxone ZX EC.
DO NOT ALLOW SPRAY TO DRIFT into greenhouses, or onto other agricultural or horticultural crops (grapevines, orchards, vegetables, ornamentals, oilseed rape), amenity plantings or gardens. Not to be used in glasshouses.
GENOXONE ZX EC contains an ester formulation and vapor may be liable to drift under hot conditions. Assess the risk to plants in the vicinity before spraying.
Do not allow spray applications to come into any contact with desired broad-leaved trees. Although when completely dormant most species of conifers are not susceptible to GENOXONE ZX EC, contact with spray should be avoided.
Keep livestock out of treated areas for at least 14 days.

GENOXONE ZX EC is a weedkiller that can be used in permanent grassland and rotational grass. GENOXONE ZX EC contains 2 active substances: 2,4-D (family of the aryloxyacids) and triclopyr (family of the picolinic acids), both active substances acting as a foliar and systemic herbicide. Areas treated remain green due to its safety towards grasses. 

General recommendations
Sensitivity of the weeds to GENOXONE ZX EC is variable. However, a dose rate of 4.6 L / ha should allow sufficient control of the following weeds. Follow up treatment may be required either with Genoxone ZX EC in the following year or with a different herbicide product if re-treatment is required in the first year.

GENOXONE ZX EC should be used under good growing conditions, from spring until end of summer, when foliage is well developed but before flowering.
Do not treat when senescence is evident.
Apply as a MEDIUM quality spray (BCPC definition).
Apply at a rate of 4.6 L product/ha using tractor-mounted broadcast sprayer using a water volume of 350-500 L/ha.
DO NOT USE A FINE SPRAY UNDER CONDITIONS WHERE DRIFT IS LIKELY TO OCCUR. Wash out container thoroughly, empty washings into spray tank and dispose of safely. After use, thoroughly decontaminate the sprayer by rising three times with water.

When herbicides with the same mode of action are used repeatedly over several years in the same field, selection of resistant biotypes can take place. These can propagate and may become dominating. A weed species is considered to be resistant to a herbicide if it survives a correctly-applied treatment at the recommended dose. A strategy for preventing and managing such resistance should be adopted. This should include integrating herbicides with a programme of cultural control measures. Guidelines have been produced by the Weed Resistance Action Group and copies are available from the HGCA, CPA, your distributor, crop advisor or product manufacturer

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