ADAMA - herbicide

A residual herbicide for the control of broad-leaved weeds and annual meadow grass in winter oilseed rape.
A suspension concentrate formulation containing 375 g/l (32.9% w/w) metazachlor and 125 g/l (10.9% w/w) quinmerac. Contains metazachlor and 1,2-benzisothiazol-3(2H)-one. May produce an allergic reaction.

IMPORTANT: This information is approved as part of the Product Label. All instructions within this section must be read carefully in order to obtain safe and successful use of this product. LEGION® is a suspension concentrate formulation containing metazachlor and quinmerac for use as a residual herbicide in all varieties of winter oilseed rape. It is primary taken up by the roots but also has some leaf uptake. LEGION is recommended as a pre- and postemergence herbicide. Post-emergence application is advised where it is not possible to make pre-emergence applications due to light or stony soils, those with organic matter content higher than 10%, adverse weather conditions, poor seedbed preparation or missed timing of crop.

When LEGION is used pre-emergence it is important to ensure the herbicide does not come into contact with the crop seed by drilling the seed to a depth of 15mm and ensuring it is well covered by soil before spraying.
Do not use pre-emergence on broadcast crops. Loose or puffy seedbeds should be consolidated before treatment. Seedbeds should be moist, firm and free from clods. Adequate moisture is required for good weed control.
Do not apply pre-emergence shortly before heavy rainfall is forecast since this can reduce crop vigour, weed control and possibly plant stand. This will normally be outgrown.
Do not apply under adverse weather conditions. Some damage may occur, especially on brashy or stony soils. This will normally be outgrown.
Do not treat crops which are suffering from stress.
Do not apply to crops with a compaction layer or to poorly drained soils since damage can occur under waterlogged conditions.
Do not overlap spray swaths. Avoid drift onto neighbouring crops.
LEGION is suitable for use on all soil types as defined by Soil Texture (85) System, except sands, very light soils and soils containing more than 10% organic matter. Under frosty conditions a transient scorch may occur. On clay soils create a fine, consolidated seedbed to slow the downward movement of water. Do not apply LEGION to dry soils. Moist soils have fewer and smaller cracks. Do not apply LEGION if heavy rain is forecast, wait until after the event.

LEGION contains two active ingredients with different modes of action and therefore the risk of resistance building up is reduced. LEGION contains metazachlor, a Group K3 herbicide and quinmerac a Group O based on the mode of action classification system of the Herbicide Resistance Action Committee. Strains of some annual grasses, e.g. blackgrass, wild oats, and Italian ryegrass, have developed resistance to herbicides which may lead to poor control. A strategy for preventing and managing such resistance should be adopted. Guidelines have been produced by the Weed Resistance Action Group and copies are available from the HGCA, CPA, your distributor, crop adviser or product manufacturer.

LEGION can be used on all varieties of winter oilseed rape.
May be applied pre or post-emergence of the crop up to 4 leaf stage (BBCH 14) and before end of January in year of harvest. Best weed control is achieved when applied pre-emergence of the weeds. The soil should be moist at time of application or rainfall should fall shortly afterwards.

Pre-crop emergence
Applications should be made before the crop seed chits, under warm moist conditions this may occur within 48 hours of drilling.

Post-crop emergence
Applications can be made from when the majority of the crop has two fully expanded cotyledons until 4 leaves (BBCH 14) and before the end of January in year of harvest.

Apply at 2.0 L/ha in 150-250 L water/ha.

Any crop can be planted after normal harvesting of a crop treated with LEGION. Ploughing is not required. Where the crop fails in the autumn or winter, oilseed rape may be re-drilled immediately, providing the soil is ploughed, otherwise a minimum interval of 30 days is required after minimum cultivations. Cereals may be drilled after ploughing providing 2 months have elapsed, otherwise 3 months should elapse if the field has minimum cultivations. In the spring following crop failure, oilseed rape, cereals, sugar beet, maize, peas, potatoes and other crops including forage crops can be sown.

Shake well before use. Half fill the spray tank with clean water and begin agitation. Add the required quantity of LEGION and add the remainder of the water. On emptying the container, RINSE CONTAINER THOROUGHLY by using an integrated pressure rinsing device or manually rinsing three times. Add washings to sprayer at time of filling and dispose of container safely. Continue agitation until spraying is completed. Wash out sprayer thoroughly after use. Apply as a MEDIUM spray as defined by BCPC.

Winter rape
1 - 14
Registred norm
2 - 2
Preharvest Interval